Sunday, October 31, 2010

Thoughts Of Implication

Blog post # 125:

Introspective Astrophysics

Twice The Halves

Of Woven Minds

(I most like "Of Woven Minds".)


Bad joke:

Why was the falsely-3-D illusion not substantive?....

...Because it was just a hollow-gram!... (Argg.)

(Appropriate joke, maybe, for... Hollow-ween.
Or maybe not.)


Two, two, poems: (I should be ashamed.)

(First written Oct 28.)

Against The Exterior Of Our Introspection

Drooping upwardly and
curvedly counterclockwise,
The spire turns unto its
inward cusp. It creates
Within its edges a
half-crescent coiling. And
It implies the truths
of partiality and weirdness.

And upon that point upon
such a claw, radiating
Against the exterior of
our introspection, ah, are
Prongs and light and cinders
of an implosive fire,
Are images and spit
and thoughts of astrophysics
-- It all expresses
its outward flow. It
All presumes those
sparks to be lines, to
Be polyhedral, yes.
And these cursive spells
Explode within the
vastness, horizontally
And vertically; obliquely
rotated, obviously
Arrogant. Oh, from this
word once mathematical,
Truth is excreted
and is yet counterintuitive.
It is denied and unexpected,
yes. But it is surely
Asymmetrical. It is
surely longitudinal. And
It is potentially shaped
as our ignorance, is
Potentially formed from
only its own vanishing
Poised upon our
ambiguous wonder
Wondrously inconsistent.


(Written today.)

Maybe The Spiral

Perhaps that winding cloth
is diminished as it
Progresses inwardly unto
a pinpoint shallowness.
Perhaps the distance is
illusory; yet its stillness
Is between such twisted gaps.
And maybe the
Curled paper is
backwardly coiled and is
Made upright yet diagonal
regarding its iterations.

Ah, rendered is the
tilted spiral of mental
Beauty and of thoughtful ugliness.
Are these conjured convergences
of all algorithms,
Of all introverted spectacles.
Oh, within
The turning within the
inflection within such
Again unceasingly,
the cloth is spun and is
Woven from specious substance.
It thus is
Insincere among its strands,
among those
Threads themselves helical,
themselves made from
Only questions and possibility.
And perhaps
This arcing shape is
continuous. Or maybe
The spiral undulates and
ambiguously (ambivalently)
Coincides with that
unexplained pathway
Multiplied simultaneously
as it is dampened.



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