Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Magic Rat-Man

Blog post # 126:

As usual, the pictures I post are made over the several days before I posted them. These were made over the last 4 days.

Paraphrased Periphery

Finitude Misinformed

Diminishment Of Algebra




(Is it a sign of the coming messiah?...)


Poll results!

Question: On a scale of 0 to 10, how certain are you that we exist?
(0 = absolutely certain we do not exist. 10 = absolutely certain we do exist.)

The poll received 6 votes, each vote for a different number.

The numbers receiving a vote were: 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10.
Their average is about: 6.83.

(No, I didn't vote in this poll. I myself would have probably picked some smaller number.)


New poll!

Which of these directions do you most want to travel from where you are currently?
North, Northeast, East, Southeast, South, Southwest, West, or Northwest?

This question is somewhat ambiguous on purpose.


Two poems, both written a few days ago.

Zigzagged Atrocities

Zigzagged atrocities
performed by absurd
Abstraction, all maddeningly
doodled, they
Tempt our adroit callousness
with such cursive,
With such disregard
never resented, never
Quadratic. Ah, surely,
these punctured swirls
Are certain of this
clutching, of this
Unjustified clamor
and its iridescent tableaux.

Zigzagged atrocities
meander about their loops.
But irregular are those
equilateral brains.
Yes, irregularly we
abruptly inflect and
Then return to our
retrogradation. For,
This course is coarse
and cowardly. It is yet
Paraphrased by peripheral
parallax -- right, left,
Rightward, leftward.
We are curvilinear, ha.
And reality is uncertain
of its anger,
Is ambivalent regarding
its symmetries
Both arrogant and
wiggled by wispy stillness.


Triumphant Failure

First, we permutate those
penciled specks amongst
Quite an intermittent grid.
But this flatness
Is blurry and absurd,
as is all truth, yes.
For, such x's are the scars
of our gambits, are the
Scars of our games made
into numbers surely drawn but
Only seemingly mathematical
or alphabetical, actually.
And we differentiate positions
of horizontality
Multiplied by verticality.
But ignored are the
Blasphemous diagonals
never deceiving. Oh, again in
Uncertain and incremental
transformations, numbers
Progress; yet, they do not
equate to misinformation,
Ha. Oh, from extremes to
intermediacy, this triumphant
Failure is our conceit,
and rectangularly
Summed are our pathways.
Yes, rectangular
Are these grids also square,
also flat and
Shapeless and overly finite.
And that withered game,
It does relinquish its
orthogonality so as to be our
Madness, so as to be our darkness
thus disregarded.



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Amorphous Trapezoid said...

Regarding the anagram: I had to edit it, since I originally wrote "Anagrammatical" instead of "Anagrammatic". Of course, I could have kept the former, and changed the second half of the anagram to "A magical rat-man", but I didn't.