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Angles Weirdly Predictable

Quadratic Cornea

Grotesquely Equilateral


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[Politics Alert! Politics Alert!]

So, what I don't get is why most conservatives here in America are so opposed to Islam and Muslims. Lots of Muslims are conservatives too, conservative even to the point of ridiculousness, or so it seems sometimes to our American eyes.


But what is sad is that many American conservatives, as well as some liberals, use the perceived offensiveness of Islamic beliefs to try to justify the rounding up of sometimes innocent people, mostly men and boys, to be tortured and held incommunicado without trial indefinitely.
Never mind how "idiotic" or "crazy" Islam is. That is not the point. The point is, it is wrong and EVIL to treat ANYBODY that way, let alone innocent people*, whatever those people's beliefs!
Hey, I'm also against torturing conservative Christians!

*(I read that even the Bush administration secretly assumed that 90% of Guantanamo detainees were innocent, despite all their talk about the detainees being "the worst of the worst".)


[Warning! Politics! Warning! Politics!]
[And other talk that may offend many readers.]

Okay, let's say your kid -- an 8-year-old girl, say -- was sexually molested when she was younger by Satan-worshippers, or something like that. And let's say that grandma is on her death-bed way across the country, and will die probably within the next 2 days. Grandma's final wish? To see her grand-daughter one last time. Okay, so you go to the airport, and they flag your daughter for the new enhanced security-check. Now, she either has to be seen naked by the full-body scanner, something which terrifies her (due to her past). Or, worse, she has to be felt-up by a TSA security guard (a woman, yes, but a scary, probably lesbo, woman). Okay, so you say, this is the perfect reason why we should profile at the airport. Bombers aren't going to look like an 8-year-old (presumably white) girl. Okay, so let's say that the girl's family is Arab. And to make matters worse, her mother is wearing a hijab. And what if some bomber DOES someday hide explosives in a toddler's diaper. Maybe even in a white toddler's diaper. Then what? Do we now have to have enhanced pat-downs of little kids? Wouldn't that make the TSA officials who engage in these pat-downs into child-molesters? I know, I know. It's a post-9-11 world. We all have to make sacrifices. (Well, only the middle and lower classes really have to make sacrifices; but that is another rant for another day.) So maybe kids -- all kids, even white kids, and at least Arab and, yes, black kids (remember, some terrorists are black) -- should be banned from flying all together (Grandma be damned), or otherwise the TSA is going to have to molest them. (Sorry for my anger, but I lowered my dose of meds this morning, and I am pissed at everything.)


[Poetry alert! Poetry Alert!]

Only one poem, though.

Written today:

Of Strands Formed

Of strands made from
threads made from filaments
Of imagination spun with truth,
oh, these substances
Are grotesquely equilateral
and are finely
Crumpled yet. But they
complete the composition
Of faint obviousness, of
failed obliviousness thus
Transcendental although
never immediate. Oh, of
Strands formed from virtue,
from wispy subsets
Of such conceit, these
atoms condense into
Time; and time fulfills
the very darkness we
Consider, despite
our nonexistence. Oh, into
Those winding wires
electrified by ash and
Energy of
consciousness diverging,
the static
Courses and becomes
all foolishness. Yes,
We untie and tie
those idiotic knots in
Strands of our expression.
And then
We are bound within
this bundling, within
This tangle
doubtfully random, this tangle
Unexpectedly absurd amongst
the clamor, amongst
Our limbo otherwise strung,
otherwise comprehended.



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