Sunday, November 21, 2010

Antipodal Dichotomies

Post # 132:

This Dullness Is Precise

This Sharpness Is Ambiguous

Inertia Therefore Intuitive

I don't like the top two pictures that much. But their names are dichotomous.


Poll results:

I asked which direction you would most like to travel from where you are currently. The poll received 6 votes. 4 of these votes were for Southwest.(Winner!) One vote was for Northeast. And one vote was for South.



Dumb joke:

How do you know if a witch is stupid?

...If she can't even spell!...

(Or if she tells a stupid joke like this one.)


People sometimes refer to the current era as the Great Recession, a play on The Great Depression. Well, I say we stick with psychological conditions for our names, at least in the name of the current era. You see, things are SO AbsURd lately! .. with everything from a basically rightwing president being called a "socialist", Nazis being referred to by pundits and religious leaders as "atheists" and "left-wing liberals", and an idiotic, incompetent, and far-right "Momma Grizzly" being made the idol of a good portion of the American public.

Things are really topsy-turvy, aren't they!?

I say we call the current era
*The Great Psychosis*.


Damn, I hate the news. Every single day, every single day, every single day. SO MUCH every single day to be absolutely depressed about,

Hey, the news screws!!


Poem: Written today:

This Dichotomously
Antipodal Finitude

Such counterbalance
transcends the hole,
The bulb. It is composed
of that tapering
Unto just a singularity
of pinching, of
Emptiness versus substance,
of mass and
Void derived from
the very thoughts
Of symmetry
quite unbalanced. Oh, in the
Concavity upon the left,
the slender gape
Penetrates that spheroid
onto its edge.
And it is the abstinence
of truth, but is
Also the absence
of deception. Oh, into
That puncture,
nothingness transits it
And our scribbled minds.
And vagueness is
Obvious within that
hollowness, within
That completion.

Ha, in the convexity
upon the right,
The knob is as a
droplet also squeezed.
It is as the opposite
of the hole. But it
Too truncates at
that cusp, at that
undetermined superposition.
Yet this shard is ludicrous.
For, in
Such counterbalance,
a point pokes both
Inwardly and externally.
Therefore, the
Shape is noncontiguous,
but is consistent
And oddly implied
by our assumptions of
Quasi-tori and semi-absurdities,
by this
Dichotomously antipodal
finitude of our
Gouging, of
our stained neutrality.



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