Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tangents Of Our Stupidity

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Exception To Tangents

Glistening Of Ash

Metallic Nothingness

I know, I know. Metallic Nothingness should have been a black-and-white picture, given its name. But, hey, sometimes you have to create what you have to create.


Radical Radishes...



Short anagrams:

Airport =
Or a trip.

Evolution =
In/out love.


Speaking of stupidity...

I had a theory that one reason we may be getting dumber and dumber as a species is not just that the less intelligent are more likely to breed (as illustrated by the movie Idiocracy). People a 100 years ago were probably physically stronger in general than we are today due to the commonality then of tough manual labor and the relative lack of machinery as compared with currently. So, what will happen when computers more often do our thinking for us? Computers can already come up with math theorems, for instance. As AI becomes a bigger and bigger part of decision-making and takes over tasks (such as making art) once carried out by people, will human-beings become less intelligent on average? I would say that pocket calculators, for instance, have not been good for overall human IQ.

What are your thoughts, if you even have them anymore?



Tangents between such
spaces are only flung
As thoughtful ejecta
from all the universe,
From all of the edifice
incorrectly spherical.
Yet tangents are as an
abrupt and cursive polyp,
Are as spikes tilted
absurdly and rotated
Irregularly unto their
backsides. Yes, these
Linear wedges bluntly
protrude from that
Curvaceous course.
And they are unprovoked
By concavity, oh.
Surely they are doubtful of
The spirals, and are dubious
of the lemniscates.
But of cones, they are
imagined and are
Somewhat elliptical.

Yes, they are between
Their intermediacy
drawn inconsistently.

For, the tangents are
weird and scrawled within
This centrifugal foam.
They therefore truncate
Such bulbs at truth's
overtness. And then they
Relate those atoms to the
exteriors of prongs,
Becoming the
drooping ascension
of certainty,
Of exception.


Leroy Quet

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