Thursday, November 25, 2010


Blog post # 133:

Sorry for the stupidness.

Objectified Vacuousness

Subsequent Shard

Forgotten Helix

Swallow The Loxodrome


A new poll!


(1) I told you so
(2) Vibrant spittle
(3) Transcend the spiral
(4) What?
(5) I think so
(6) You're lying!
(7) Wink-wink
(8) How?
(9) This answer. Pick me!
(10) None of the above


Nothing more, but two poems:

Procession Of Indescribable Increments

The horizontal stack
of elliptical disks,
It is arrayed as such
intermediacy, as such
Extrema placed along
this row of segmentation
Varying in its radii but
not in its thicknesses.
And it appears, this matter,
to be its slabs,
To be its mass somewhat
poisonous. And, yes,
Its toxicity is its geometry,
and its
Truncation is its
counterbalance. Yet I do not
Transcend that stack
portrayed as the procession
Of indescribable increments.
Oh, I do not
Permutate that tableau
of chaotic simplicity.
For, this lengthy line
of rounded intervals,
It is as its regard
ever vanquished. Yes,
This horizontal stack
does arc rectilinearly.
It is still conformingly consecutive.
But it is
Oddly repetitious,
and so, it is laterally
Without any angle or
tangent we should shun.


Of An Explosion Starkly Imperative

Exploding towards all
entropy and circularity,
The angular flatness curls
upon its expression.
It descends within its left,
rightward at its right.
But its backside
converges only
As perspective's
glaring cusp. Ah, its mass
Is of diminutive dimensions.
But it does flow
Into a crest, then it
abstains elsewhere. Its
Triangularity is cursive and
shaped not as
Such facades. No, it is only
completed when
This interval of
forward vastness narrows.

But beyond the broadness
and the apex, a
Bidirectional bulbousness
becomes again the
Intersecting columns
between. Oh, it explodes
As irregularity
obviously perfect. But that
Blast is quite a crescendo
of blunt hazard, of
Blunt prongs each clangorous.
Yes, from the
Simplest of points is
flung outwardly
This cloth and
cylindrical shards. It asks
Us if it can be such thunder.
However, we are
Only immobilized by the
subsequent ash, by
The smoke of an
explosion starkly imperative.



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