Saturday, October 9, 2010


Blog post # 118:

I made these 3 pictures over the last 5 days.

Equilibrial Partiality

Wronged By Iridescence

Malformed Presumptions


Okay, a little politics, just a little.

Now I'm referring to the former president as

Gee-Ogre W Bush!



Yo, copulaters!


Your poles act.


Finally, a poem:
(Not very original.)

Between Such A Strange Configuration

Perpendicular wings of
a tortured butterfly
Sustain my brain within
their intermediacy. Oh,
one wing rises horizontally,
the other wing
Is outstretched vertically.
And I think inside
The middle. Yes, I
contemplate conjectures of
Flight and impediment.
But my thoughts are
Twisted orthogonally into
a grand tableau. Ah,
I surely extrapolate
my disembodiment of
Mental mind from corpse.
And yet, despite
Such peculiar plagiarism,
I am wrapped
In glossy flaps, these
wings of bland beauty.
Yes, I am held amongst
my single consciousness;
For, I sleep in quite a
maddening and
Human chrysalis.
For, I am deprived of
My levitation. Here, I
am contained
And grounded at the
center of solitude's flesh,
Am contained between
such a strange configuration,
Between my very musculature
of this,
My edifice and entropy,
my captivity.




Libertine said...

I love the images! They somehow match your poem in their dynamic, and use of vibrant colour and word.

Amorphous Trapezoid said...

That is the kind of compliment I like to get, Libertine. Thanks!

Mrs Midnite said...

Today I like Malformed Presumptions. I hope you get my comment!