Monday, October 18, 2010

To Be Or Not To Be

Blog post # 121:

Entropic Syrup

Aroma Of Arrogance

Senility Of Circles

Catatonically Clockwise

(My favorite of these is Catatonically Clockwise.)


Poll results:
Which of these tableaux is your favorite to contemplate?

1) Nuclear blast. Black light. Nautilus.

One vote, mine.

2) String. Dynamo. Dried blood.

No votes.

3) Clock. Speedometer. Crumpled paper.

One vote.

4) Punk-rocker. Aspirin. Wine bottle.

Six votes! The winner by a large margin.

5) Butterfly. Meat-cleaver. Protractor.

Two votes.


New poll: On a scale of 0 to 10, how certain are you that we exist?
0 is absolutely certain we do NOT exist.
10 is absolutely certain we do exist.


I am certain, I think, that many many people, including likely myself, will be killed within the next couple years when either President Barack or President Sarah starts a full-scale nuclear war.

And if that doesn't happen, I am sure I will lose my health insurance and die of an otherwise treatable disease within the next couple years, anyway.

And since I do not want to get laid anyway, then why should I care about my health and my appearance? Why can't I just enjoy life and eat as much as I am hungry for, say, no matter how fat doing so will make me?

And besides, gaining weight may actually SAVE my life. Say, that in the near future, the new ultra-right Christian regime in America carries out a pogrom against homosexuals. First they might round up all of us who are not married. But when they get one look at my fat self, they will know that, hey, this guy isn't married because he's fat, not because he's gay. And maybe then they will leave me alone.

But then they will kill me anyway when they come for the atheists or the progressives.


Proof that God is evil:
God created man, and man created politics.

By the way, may ALL the politicians just burn in Hell! Damn the assholes!


No poetry today!



Anonymous said...

Re. your new poll:
I click, therefore I am.

The Quiet Riot said...

I really like Catatonically Clockwise
I think God gave up on us the day after we became humanoid, and HE/She hasn't looked in since. I miss no poem...or the poem or however you want to say it.

Mrs Midnite said...

I like aroma of arrogance. Interesting thoughts, I hope that the nuclear stuff never happens, too scary and what about all the furry animals :0(

I have issues with religion, it seems wrong to me! I have my own beliefs re God that are not related to religion. I'm getting annoyed by the religion types in the coffee shop it makes me argue even when I don't disagree.