Thursday, October 21, 2010

Stupid Stupid Stupid

Blog post # 122:

Stupidity's Hypotenuses

Hazardous Fulfillment


(My favorite of these is Hazardous Fulfillment; but I might reconsider because this picture is so gosh darn cliche.)


So, you know what the world does not need? A Pixar movie about Sarah Palin, that's what.

I see it now. She's shooting wolves from a helicopter, and a bunny rabbit on the sidelines says with snark,
"So,.. she's a cat person."..


Okay, here's a crude joke.

How is a bran muffin like a screwdriver?

Answer: Both can help loosen up your stools.

(Har har)

Not only is this joke not funny, but I think I stole it.

Anyway, some jokes are funny just BECAUSE they are stupid.

But if that is true,... then
why doesn't Sarah Palin make me laugh?

(Maybe she is more of a stupid PRACTICAL joke.... pulled on us all.)


Okay, a poem inspired by the last picture above.
(Cut me some slack! I have't posted a poem in a while, now.)
(Written today.)

Such A Fissure

Such a fissure demands
this stone to be of entropy,
Despite the cutting seam's
own irregular crumbling.
Yes, despite that fault,
the rock is bending. It
Halves into a third.
And it severs into its
Realities all crystalline
and foreshortened.
Oh, yet from (and yet within)
the gap, a fluid
Is spilled as it flows
from air above.
In this space, water drops
and curves
And floods the impediment
almost concrete.
Yes, downwardly, the liquid
becomes a knife.
Although it is but soothing
of this solidified
Gash. And such a fissure
bisects but only
The artifice of glass.
It seeps as the rain
Into earth's tortured conceit.
Yes, the
Groove does drip onto
truth's counterbalance, onto
Truth's coincidence of stone
and its divide, onto
Mental blood therefore equal
to our own thirst,
Equal to our own
concave drowning.




The Quiet Riot said...

Uh-Oh, I laughed myself silly over the Palen joke (she a cat person....)Also like hazardous fulfillment.
The poem was weirdly sexual.

Amorphous Trapezoid said...

Ha, about the poem. I didn't intend it to be sexual, actually. But my poems are Rorschach tests. You see what you see in them.

Anonymous said...

sarah palin is about to star in her own reality show on TLC called Sarah Palin's Alaska... so be sure to tune in for that.

The Quiet Riot said...

All poetry should be seen that way. Whatever chords it strikes in you is what the poem is about. We think alike on that! I hate when people ask what a poem is about. It's about whatever it means to you.

Mrs Midnite said...

I like fissure from todays pics! I like the poem today too, it made me think of mining, my dad has stories about drilling into an umderground lake, that reminded me.