Monday, October 4, 2010

Prism Of Words

Blog post # 117:

(I made the first two pictures yesterday, and the last picture today.)

Mediocre Glass

Yet Cone Parts Prism

Meandering Edifice

Note: The middle picture was inspired by an anagram. (See just below.)
Yes, the title came before the image idea.



Yet cone parts prism.
My art's perceptions.

(Note name of middle picture above.)


(Some of you have seen this already.)

There are at least two word groups, each group being of FOUR different 3-letter words, where the words are anagrams of each other. The words are not proper nouns or abbreviations, and they would all be acceptable words to use in Scrabble. What two groups (each of four words) are they?

Are there more than two groups of four 3-letter words that are anagrams of each other? (I thought there was only one such group until Kevin Stone and others on the rec.puzzles newsgroup found another such group of words.)

Here is a three-word group: Art, Rat, Tar. But we need four words.


I am trying to start a movement for writers to write of someone's "limbic system" instead of that someone's heart when talking about the person's emotions and instincts. Why do we talk about the heart in this way in the first place? The heart is just a muscle with blood in it. Talking about the heart as some sort of seat-of-the-soul is cliche and idiotic, I think. The limbic system in the brain is the real source of our emotions and instincts, at least that's what scientist now believe. Yes, people once thought the heart was the source of our emotions, but the science changed. Maybe someday we will find that emotions really derive from the pineal gland or something. But until them, wax poetic about your "limbic mind", I say!


At BEST, democracy is only a game, nothing more. Even when it fulfills our ideas of what it should be, it is only about numbers. Imagine a political vote that comes down to only a few voters. Why should almost 50% of the population be completely denied what they want politically simply because of literally a few votes? Hell, the outcomes of elections can literally be a case of life vs death for lots of people. Is it fair to ignore the human rights of the minority over a numbers game? And, as I said, at best, democracy is only a game.

At worst, the CIA or some other shadow group of elites actually decides every political decision in America, anyway.


Okay, since I am in the mood, I will post a poem. But skip over it if you don't care for my poetry.

(I wrote this yesterday. It was inspired somewhat by the top picture above.)

Beauty Of A Substantive Void

Drawn within the glass nautilus, within this
Spiral of refraction and introspection, I saw
But nothingness and its wires and its threads
Made of emptiness' solidity. I saw amongst these
Shards of silver such intermediacy and mediocrity
Recreated as grand, recreated as the very
Beauty of a substantive void. And upon the
Completion of that coil, there the cloth radiated
Outwardly twice opposed. And as ribbon and colored
Currents exploding, those streamers became
Their origination and attachment to the oneness
Of zeroness of that clear spiral abutting.

Oh, drawn was light amazed by its observance.
Yet we notice such hideousness in these winds,
In the wings of curving exoskeletons. Oh,
We only halve our humanness at this moment
That lemniscate conjoins with spiral, that
Imagination conjoins with plagiarized uneasiness,
Conjoins with conforming rotation exceptionally




Anonymous said...

Four-word group:

Asp, Spa, Pas, Sap

I'm sure you guys got that one already, but if not, hooray for me.

"pas" as in more than one pa.


Amorphous Trapezoid said...

Correct! "Pas" also is a dance step.

Anonymous said...

Are there any three-letter words that can be rearranged to form the maximum 5 words?