Saturday, October 23, 2010

Nothing To Believe In

Blog post # 123:

Juxtaposed Impediments

Perched Upon Its Drowning


Is Nothingness (upper-case N)
convex or concave?


Does believing in something -- a lot -- mean that it is true? (Due to quantum physics or magic or something?)

What if you believe that things aren't necessarily as you believe?

What if you believe that NOTHING that you believe -- not even this particular belief expressed in this sentence -- is as you believe? Does that screw with the universe?

Anyway, maybe this is all a dream, and the dream plays itself out as I think it will. (I sure hope not, since I think we are doomed.)
But what if I believe that this is not a dream? Does that make it real? I know I've dreamt that I was not dreaming. And I was dreaming anyway, it turned out. But maybe I am dreaming that what I believe can often be wrong.

I don't know what is real! I don't know what to believe! Should I not believe in anything?

There are people who almost everything they believe, or at least claim they believe, is the exact opposite of the truth.
At least according to what I believe.

What if I just didn't believe in these people anymore? They are too ignorant to exist.

That's why I think I am dreaming. Because the idiots are so profoundly wrong, they can't possibly be real.

(Did I mention I think we are doomed?)


Poem: Written today: Inspired by second picture above.

Quasi-Fluidic Butterfly

Perched upon air, upon this
voice of imagined minds,
Is a quasi-fluidic butterfly.
Drowning, it falls
Onto the grid beneath us all.
And it speaks of
Sand, speaks of seeds
seemingly drawn
as exoskeletons.

Oh, sprouting from
weird germination, the death
Of bugs impedes such impetus.
But these wings
Invoke my
thoughtful imperfection.
These insects
Invoke my unease. And
I pause for our doom
And hideous vanishing.
Yes, I drown as
My spit, and I breathe as
my voice. And I fly
As my very grounding.
Oh, I float as
Such hydroponics, as
these aerodynamic dreams.

Amongst myself, I am
perched upon my existence.
Ah, I am asleep upon
my emptiness, am sleeping
Within my corpse yet bigoted,
yet hindered
By blurriness feigned.




MassachusettsMarijuanaMovementJournal said...

Believing seems to bring energy to ideas, and makes them seem very real, but credibility does have its limits. Beliefs can be so wrong!
I believe that if you're wrong, you're wrong,whether you know you're wrong or not.
People believe all sorts of wonky things. We're often wrong, and yet resistant on the whole to readily admitting, even to ourselves, our errors in perception. People can even lie baldfaced in the light of evidence, clear evidence that what they're saying isn't true.
Am I the only person who, no matter what I am thinking, always allows that I may be mistaken, always leaves room for doubt? Or are we now all in an age of skepticism, are my doubts typical, and is my questioning of reality as I perceive it a consequence of all the pardigm shifts occuring in our time?

A friend of mine, a mathematician, was at an academic wine & cheese soiree with, among other guests, a fellow from the philosophy department whose job, for all intents and purposes, is to determine through reason if reality as we know it is real, or an elaborate illusion. My friend asked the fellow how the research was going, what if any conclusions might be drawn about the nature of reality, and the fellow gave him the short answer to his query... Is reality real?
Yes, said the fellow, so far it seems to be...

dennis hodgson said...

I don't know whether you intend this as a lighthearted or a serious discussion, but it is a fascinating subject: how do we know what we think we know? It's a subject that has consumed philosophers for millennia. And there are no easy, pat answers.

I discuss this concept at some length, in relation to science and religion, in Knowledge or Certainty.

Mrs Midnite said...

I don't think I am a product of your dream. If I am please can you dream me the perfect pair of jeans.