Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Eclipse Of Truth

Blog post # 124:

Forwardly Equilibrial

Ludicrous Substance

Mysterious Circumferences

Counterintuitive Gnomon


All these people now days: so stupid and gullible, so evil. I guess they are...


(That's "naive" mixed with "evil". It's easier to say phonetically than to write out.)


Now scientists are saying that the universe may be a 2-dimensional illusion that only seems to be 3-dimensional -- a hologram projected from the edge of the universe. As a matter of fact, scientists are currently building a so-called "holometer" (Google it) at Fermilab that might PROVE this all is just an illusion.

I always suspected that the "gods" (who may be nothing more than scientists in a higher-level more real universe) would have us all never find out the truth of our illusion. That may still be a fact -- maybe the illusion doesn't have the nature that will seem to have when we are finally "enlightened".
But I must praise them for at least revealing that this all IS an illusion of SOME type, whatever that type really is.


And finally, the poem I wrote today:

The Sundial Despised

I despised the sundial
and its shadows counted.
Yet, of its ambiguous gnomon,
ah, there was
Truth's imbalance.
And truth knew
Of sunlight and dimness
amongst the numbers,
Amongst the increments
permutated by ignorance.

Oh, darkness told us of
the hours within it.
But daylight retained its
imagination so as to
Become these resentful
polygons upon which
We depict our humanity.
Oh, such a timepiece
Wonders regarding its
solitude and its
Spectacle thusly selfish.
For, I despised
That inanimate clockwork.
Yet I forgave
Its mathematics.
Because its multiplicity knew
Of those random visions
drawn onto its face.

And I knew of its unease.
Yes, I knew of this
completion of waking
And of artifices all circular,
each ecliptic.



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The Quiet Riot said...

I have a fractal image that "is" this poem. Too bad there is no way to post it here, or even at the coffeehouse. *sigh*