Monday, September 6, 2010


Blog post # 107:

Okay, okay, I will post art here again. I am such a wuss for giving in after just one post. ... Wuss!

(This art, especially the first two pieces, is highly plagiaristic.)

Afloat As Postulates

Illusion Of Apexes

Non-Thematic Infinitesimals

Amongst Artifices


Here is a poem inspired by the 3rd picture above.

Of Fluidic Froth

Flowing fumes of fluidic froth, of iridescent
Gray, of imagined swirling now beautiful,
Now elongated --
It arcs as reverberation, as a weird
Rainbow of inconsistency. It arches as matter
Quite crystalline, quite crumpled. And in this
Course, it twists into its nexuses; twice it
Converges upon its vanishing. For, those
Necks are infinitesimal. Those oddities
Are non-existential, surely. Yes, they grasp
The substances and deprive them momentarily
Of reality's smoldering portrayal. But they
Are a truthful impairment, ha. They are the
Intermittency of such acid and euphoria.

Then this water returns to its recklessness,
To its encirclement. It recreates its angles
Within that funnel, within that ambiguity of
Direction, within that ambiguousness of
Certainty amongst its disappearances, amongst
An invalidation thematically so.


Finally, a joke, sort of:

What do you call a big armed heist from a shopping center?

A grand mall seizure, of course!...




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Anonymous said...

Great stuff! Had us going there for a while!
the Colorado Springs connection