Friday, September 17, 2010

The End Is Near

Blog post # 111:

Completing The Imbalance

Prolate Steam

Obliquely Forgotten


Okay, this may be my last post ever. Or maybe it won't be. Or maybe the last post ever will be posted soon.

But in any case, I have a warning for you all.

My blogs seem to be fine, but my Prism Of Spirals computer-art website has been hacked! There was a virus put on it by the hacker, plus a lot of other stuff that had nothing to do with my computer art.

So, DON'T visit the site until further notice!

Also, I am currently unable to send emails. Yahoo thinks I am a spammer. Maybe my email was hacked too.

As a result, I have become a Luddite. F'ck the internet!


Finally, a poem:
(This was written a couple days ago.)

This Squarish Thing

A spheroid of four cusps, each symmetrically
Aligned along perpendicular axes, this squarish
Thing is segmented into its dimensions, into
Its realities all postulated. Yes, postulated
Are such numbers and psychoses. But upon that
Squarish thing, extending from one point,
A rod completes this imbalance. It completes
The rotation of the artifact about but
Another apex incrementally stabbing. And
This shape of ambidextrous spinning, it
Is very rectangular and rectilinear. But
It still curves about its intermediacies,
Both midway and laterally formed as
This without matter or situation. Ah,
The spheroid of four knives, it is
Particularly asinine, as if it is cursed
By concavity thusly cylindrical.
But it thinks of its upper-right.
Yes, it ponders the flatness between it
And its exteriors, ponders the certainty of
Its inertia, of its quadratics yet alphabetical.


Good bye?


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The Quiet Riot said...

*sigh* There are times I hate the entire internet thing too. I really hope you decide to stay.