Monday, September 20, 2010

Oh, At The Laundry-Mat Of Disease

Blog post # 112:

Let's see if I can manage this....

Emphatic Poison

Tantrum Of The Infinitesimal

Neither Helix Nor Cone


Okay, I have a cold. I might have heard this before somewhere else, but I compare having a cold to going through the washing machine.

Everything is wet, for one thing, with both colds and washing machines.

And a cold has cycles (sore throat, then runny eyes and nose, and then coughing) just like a washing machine (wash, rinse, spin).

And I hate both to wash my clothes and to have a cold.

It's amazing, they're spittin' images of each other!


Okay, we've talked about:

Gargling Gargoyles,

Now we have , tah duh,....

Ricochet Rickshas.

Don't go crazy while riding one, or you WILL be reverberated..


Let's go over the poll results before I delete it:

Question: What happens to your consciousness after you die?

I received 9 votes, and, funny, not a one was for Heaven or Hell or Reincarnation (either as yourself or as someone else).
Death is the Final End is the run-away winner, with 4 votes.
These answers each received one vote:
You become unthinking pure energy.
You go where everything is funny.
You'll never die.
Life is an illusion anyway.
Something else entirely.


No poetry today! Yay!



Mrs Midnite said...

Loving neither helix or cone. DNA for an alien I think!

I'm pleased you didn't give up your art.

Amorphous Trapezoid said...

I like your alien-DNA take on my picture. Thanks for commenting!