Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Contemptuous Contemplation

Blog post # 115:

Wisp Of Consciousness

Perpendicular To Aperiodicity

Of Unspecified Nothingnesses


The world is collapsing around me. Politically, America and much of the world is literally becoming fascist, to even more of an extent than it was before now. My art website has been hacked, and I can't get that issue resolved. I just got over a cold. I am out of money and have an unsatisfactory income, like so many of us. No one loves me, really. And I basically suck at everything. Yeah, I'm depressed. And you know what? Depression leads to health problems -- so now I am depressed about being depressed, too.

And in any case, I think you all are just an illusion. (I myself may be an illusion to myself, as well.)


New poll! (Hopefully I will have it up soon.)

Which of these tableaux is your favorite to contemplate?

1) Nuclear blast. Black light. Nautilus.
2) String. Dynamo. Dried blood.
3) Clock. Speedometer. Crumpled paper.
4) Punk-rocker. Aspirin. Wine bottle.
5) Butterfly. Meat-cleaver. Protractor.


Here is an easy puzzle. No tricks.

In the span of 12 hours (midnight to 11:59 AM), how many minutes (Hours:Minutes) are such that the digits of the minutes form an increasing (from left to right) sequence of consecutive integers? The "integers" may be of one digit or of two digits, but must not begin with a 0. Examples: 2:34, 9:10. Try to answer quickly.

Note: Don't count one-integer "sequences", where the one integer is of the 3 or 4 digits of any particular time. If this was a trick question, I would have you include these, so that the answer would have simply been 12*60 = 720 minutes.


No poetry today. So happy you are!

If you want more to read, please read some of the back issues of this blog!



Michael E said...

I have no idea why...but the crumpled paper appeals to me. It put's an image in my head i can't seem to get out. What have you done to me??

Christie said...

I LOVE YOUR POLLS! Even if they are only illusions. :)

Mrs Midnite said...

Thats not an easy puzzle but my instinct says 12? Am I right? (1.23, 2.34, 3.45, 4.56, 12.34 is that all? 5 then, am I right yet? Ohh wait 9.10 is one so 10.11, 11.12. That makes 8? Is it 8?) Help me!

Your poll is also causing me trouble today, I don't know.

Amorphous Trapezoid said...

To Mrs Midnight. You forgot at least one time. :)