Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Concave Reality

Blog post # 108:

Delightfully Callous

Counterclockwise Inconsistency


You know about the CERN's supercollider and how it may create micro-black-holes as a result of its high-powered particle collisions? Scientists have said that these black-holes pose no threat to Earth because they will "evaporate" before they grow larger. (They are really really small.) Well, here's a conspiracy for you. Last night I dreamed that the CIA had had all of the CERN scientists lie to us about the black-holes being safe, when in fact these black-holes might very well grow larger and swallow the Earth. You see, the CIA -- according to my dream -- is really behind the CERN experiment and is behind a scheme to destroy the Earth! Of course, this was just a dream. But the CIA is indeed evil that way.

So, for fun -- make this a game -- invent your own conspiracy theories that may or may not be believable to you. Be creative. Scare yourself.


Let's see: There is the rising world-wide fascist threat. There is the economy, which some say will end up crashing to a point much worse than the Great Depression in the near future. There is climate-change's coming tipping-point. There is Peak Oil. There are many other environmental threats, such as to our water. Wars, some possibly nuclear, are being threatened. (Then there are those possible CERN black-holes...) On and on. We're doomed. DOOMED, I say!

I am depressed about all of this.

Hey, the ONLY way that things won't suck as much in the near future as they are predicted to is if "reality" is all an illusion, and I am really dreaming all of you.
But things would suck even if reality is false. But now I wonder which is worse -- I am just a disembodied brain in a vat somewhere who is hallucinating, or we are all about to REALLY suffer greatly.


Poem I wrote today: (Shit you, Leroy!)

Such Realities Of Various Radii

Discarded are the circles themselves encircling,
Themselves returning into oscillation. Oh, this
Was not a game made. For, I denied it my
Thoughts, and I deprived it of my inconsistency.

So, I doodled only circles upon grids. And each
Such loop was unexpectedly round and specious. Yet
Those intersections of arcs with curves, of circles
With tangents and with quanta all square, they
Were drawn as rings of rings onto that paper.
And the paper was folded into fourths. But I
Did not become this particular edifice. No, I
Only resented such realities of various radii.

Oh, I only discarded and disregarded these
Shapes each curvilinear. And they were not as
I suspected, were not of sines or cosines.
For, the circles were my illiterate dreams wrung,
Wound about counterclockwise then ignored
As every cyclic scribble both a tautology
And an absurdity justifiably meaningful yet.


Finally, at least one person has sent me a comment, or so I read, that disappeared before I had a chance to approve it. Please, if you send in a comment, and don't see it within 2 or 3 days at most, then do send it in again!
Update (9-10-2010): Another person said they posted comments, plural, to my blog that I never received.



Amorphous Trapezoid said...

Testing, testing, is my own comment getting through today?

Anonymous said...

Here's my conspiratorial nightmare:
CIA puts happy juice into our water supply. We all live quietly and contentedly in our homes with nothing but Goggle, and then we die—not that we care much.

Perhaps then we can be Goggled. Probably not, though.