Thursday, September 23, 2010


Blog post # 113:

Entropy's Loci

Anthropomorphic Apathy



Hey, people. Want to save money on drugs that get you high?

Well, if you simply believe you're happy, then you're really happy.
So, consequently, if you believe you're high, you're really high.

(That's why some of us can get high in dreams. I myself had a dream that I was wasted on caffein. Gosh, I was in a good mood in that dream.)


Speaking of dreams:
Dreams are simply offerings to appease the demons of our minds.


Now I am really going to make everyone hate me. TWO poems today! (Written yesterday and today.)

A Crystalline Thorn

A crystalline thorn evades its outwardliness; and
Yet its point is transparent. And its thickness
Is hollow; and its depths are made from rain.
Oh, it is as spit or urine in its cutting.
But its purity is weird. Its abstraction is
Immaculate. And its acidic ice is drawn onto
And within such a tender bubble. Yes,
This glassy shard does tempt us to be severed
By its grandiosity, true. But it is a
Foolish knife, ha. Its cusp betrays us, then
Recreates its own desires from our wishes.
And its stabbing anger is beautiful, and
It is surely failing. But of thorns and
Shards, this prong is surely quite a
Conceited cone. It is as our own cursed
Humanity. Yet its anthropomorphism is also
Wounded, is also apathetic about such lapses
Of nature's maddening treachery.


Zigzagged Spirals

Alternating, this course is both a spiral and
It is stratiform; but it is neither. It spins
Rightward, rightward, leftward, leftward between
The gaping angle, between those two rays of our
Human abstraction. And I confuse this
Geometry with numbers twice differing.
But, still, these zigzags are rotating,
Are diminished unto infinite infinitesimals.

Alternating, the triangles become reflections
And inflections and voids completely filled.
Yet, numerous are the wiggles defined
By binary dimensions. Numerous are the
Diagonals once vertical but never horizontal.
Numerous are such designs, each one
Once conflicted by its superposition,
By zigzagged spirals somewhat indicative.


Finally. A dirty joke that I think I heard before somewhere:

[Warning! Warning! Obscene joke! No kids allowed!]

Did you hear that the cock-ring was in a tough spot?

Yeah, it was caught between two rocks and a hard-on...


[PLEASE tell me I did steal this joke. I don't want to take the blame for it!]



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