Saturday, March 6, 2010

So Sorry

Blog post # 50:

Well, lookie here. I just posted something to this blog only yesterday. Now again I post, twice in two days. Yaowzza.


Only one picture today. I just made this picture within the last hour.

Hideous Tangents

As soon as I uploaded it -- the very same second I did --, I realized where I stole the idea for this picture from.
And in addition to stealing from someone else's intellectual property, the picture (at least the yellow part) sort of unintentionally came out looking like the tubing in some kind of brass instrument. Sorry about that.


Okay, here is a shitty poem I wrote today. (I know it is shitty, even though I don't remember how it goes. ALL my poetry is shitty.) It kind of goes with today's picture.


Interlaced between their braiding, these tangled tangents
Are but transcendental loops, somehow. They are but equal
To the emptiness that ceases within them. And they each
Encircle their knotted hideousness. They each enclose
Their folded fraying upon a weird arc thus punctured
By its selfishness. These molecules outstretched and
Careless, they are those curves made from twine.
They are as thread made from rope, are as wire made
From adverbs, are as idiocy made from my contemplation.
Yet this parable is inscribed with such artificiality,
With such contradiction edgewise and spurious.

I juxtapose those tangled tangents. Are they derived
From their haphazardness? Yes, the stringy
Strands sprout and then inflect, and then they
Abruptly curse their direction. And then they
Interlace with their coincidences, with all of
Their linear concentricities I have presupposed.


Yes, I guess that *I*, like Dick Cheney, am a sadist. Why would I say such a horrible thing about myself? Because I dared to expose you all to my crappy poem and crappy picture I made today. Shame on me. May I burn in Hell.

I just felt like I had to post something, anything. Sorry.


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