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Bitter Future

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I was just thinking... Two centuries ago, say, not as many people got Alzheimer's because people didn't live long enough to get it, most of the time. The rates of cancer were probably lower too for the same reason. So, here's a 'fun' exercise: Try to imagine some of the diseases human beings will get in the far future that we don't get now, at least not commonly. What kind of diseases will people get when the average life-expectancy is, say, 150 years? My best guess, for example, is that really older people will often be running out of space in their brains for all their memories -- if Alzheimer's isn't that condition already. Interaction with extraterrestrials will expose humanity to lots of diseases too, I bet (as depicted on some episodes of Star Trek). Thoughts?


[Politics alert! Politics alert!]

Yeah, the US media is "liberal";....

"Liberal" like a Fox (News)!


[More politics.]

Senators Lieberman and McCain (they're "centrists", you know) have introduced in the Senate bill S.3081, the so-called "Enemy Belligerent Interrogation, Detention, and Prosecution Act of 2010". It already has a hand-full of co-sponsors so far.

You think that they only lock away FOREIGNERS indefinitely without trial, incommunicado, and then torture them, all on the president's say-so alone?

S.3081 would allow the president to lock up, without trial or charge, even NON-VIOLENT AMERICANS -- such as anti-war protesters on the left, or, on the right, Tea Party activists-- based solely on the president's whim.

You may like Obama (I don't. He's almost as bad as -- if not just as bad as, if not worse than -- Bush), but in the (near?) future, I predict someone even worse than Dick Cheney will be our president! Do you want this person to have this kind of power!?

The word "fascist" is over-used. But this is LITERALLY fascist. How is it not? This is authoritarianism run-amok. This is literally evil. This bill has been called the ABSOLUTE WORST threat to American democracy *EVER* so far!!! (And that is saying a lot, given the last decade in America.)

Yes, the government already has done this, lock up Americans without charge or trial then torture them. (Jose Padilla) But this bill would make it all okay in the legal sense, and would mean that even non-violent "unAmerican" American citizens could be locked up and treated like those in Gitmo have been.
This would institutionalize and fast-track the unconstitutional mass-imprisonment and mistreatment of Americans whose only crime is disagreeing with the government!

This bill is getting very little press, even in the liberal media, let alone in the mainstream media.

America is NOT free!!!!!

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