Friday, March 12, 2010

It Is Because It Is, Because It Is, Because...

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Here are the pictures:
(Made yesterday and today.)

Then In Entropic Metaphors

Porous Longitudes


Since the poem I wrote today is somewhat related to the picture I made today (the latter above), then I will post the poem. (Sorry everybody. Shyster, I am posting a lot of poems lately. I'll try to cut down on that... after today.)

A Lateral Bead, A Fictitious Wire

A lateral bead, it is propped against its
Longitudinal transcendences. And in its tapered hole,
A fictitious wire passes thoroughly; this line too
Becomes a loop, becomes a metaphorical gap
Through which the bead's one horn itself
Traverses. Yes, the wire also pinches into a
Thorn's spike, into a jut upon one very corner
Of reality. Again, however, in that bead, there is
A cutting hole; for, this hole eclipses the
Metallic cord that violates it. Yet, in
Such weird truthfulness (weaved as wire via
A bead, via a corner, via its own loop transited),
The wire is complicated and artificial. It is
Contiguous amongst its intentions. But the bead
Instead is quite obvious, is quite porous, if
Only once. The lateral bead is surely existential.
And it does not ache in its piercing. Although
It does indeed mourn for its abruptness,
For its coincidental thread apparently ceasing then
Rectifying such sentiments of quasi-synonymousness.


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[Politics alert! Politics Alert!]

Did you all hear about the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals (I think, I am unsure on what # the appeals court was) voting to leave "One nation under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance and "In God we trust" on our money? What gets me is that the Court actually said that these phrases were NOT religious.

I would say that IF God exists, then God probably thinks that the Pledge and the money motto are indeed violations of Church and State separation, which is obvious to me at least, if not to the brain-dead appeals court.

Didn't God create -- again, if God exists mostly as He/She/It is often imagined -- the rule of logic that states that, if something completely and totally has property x, then that something has property x?
After all, the money motto ("In GOD We Trust") and the line from the Pledge ("One nation under GOD") are indeed promotions of religion. Why? Because they are promotions of religion. QED.

I have put together a partial list of things that America REALLY trusts in. Maybe we can change the money motto to "In ____ we trust." For instance: War, Money, Sex, Corporations, Idiocy, Reality TV. I bet you people can come up with other replacements for the word "God".


God: The FICTION that causes FRICTION.

(Oh, yeah, I believe in the separation of Church and State, the separation of Church and State FROM ME!...)



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