Tuesday, March 16, 2010

So Confused

Blog post # 53:

One picture, made today:

Selfishness' Juxtaposition

I WAS going to post a poem I wrote today that complements this picture, but I remembered how I promised to post less poetry. So there!


Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock,
tick-tocked off!

This is the first post I have made since Daylight-Savings Time began, I think.

If it is later than it really is,
isn't it also earlier than it really is???...

So, I have decided to try to keep living by Standard Time, at least for a week, maybe longer. Why? Because, first, "stress is bad for you", as they always say. Second, and more importantly, Daylight Savings is an arbitrary and artificial construct -- an artifice -- a construct just a couple of years ago lengthened (starting earlier, ending later) by a REPUBLICAN-LED CONGRESS.

I'll be damned before I let a Republican-led Congress dictate major aspects of MY life!...

So, I do what we should all have done instead of setting our clocks ahead.
I keep my clock at the same time, and go to all my meetings an hour earlier.
Therefore, if something really doesn't depend on when I am there, I get there at the same time according to the rotation of the Earth. Only my time-dependent meetings are an hour earlier.

I'm a morning person, anyway. And before Daylight Savings (which, by the way, does NOT save any daylight, since we get an hour less in the morning), I was getting up too early and going to bed too early. No more.

And, by the way, what is this crap with starting Daylight Savings in the Winter? We have to now say "WINTER forward", instead of "Spring forward". And "Winter forward" makes no sense....

... Makes no sense, like Daylight Savings Time!


Okay, so taxis have little to do with taxes. And taxidermy has little to do with taxis.

I'm SO confused!....


Here is an odd not-as-funny-as-I-thought-it-was-originally scene for a movie that I thought about last night in a dream:

A father and daughter in a room -- both people alternative-style, the father once a punk-rocker, the daughter now punk or goth.

The daughter has intentionally torn up one of the father's paintings.
Father: "How dare you! Would you have done this to one of Picasso's paintings?"
Daughter, meekly, "no..."
Father: "Why not? I would've."



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Stephanie said...

i agree with your views on 'daylight savings'.. and would try your time challenge for a week, if my employer wouldn't have a problem with it:) but no.. im stuck with it, and as such, i havent slept much this entire week.:| and as soon as my body gets adjusted..it will be time to 'fall back'...*sigh*