Monday, March 22, 2010

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The Dissidents Of Dissonance say....

Careless are those cusps!



The first picture I made two days ago, the latter I made today.

I Saw The Oculus

Extrema Of Intermediacy


I am ashamed of myself.

I must make a confession.
The other day I went to 7-11 to buy some food. One of the things I was to pick up was cottage cheese. Well, when I took the cottage cheese tub out of the cooler, I noticed that it had expired *9* DAYS BEFORE! (The cottage cheese at this 7-11 usually has another month or so before it expires, at the time I buy it.) Then I noticed that the other 2 tubs of cottage cheese in the cooler also expired on the same day. So, what did I do about this? Well, first I put the tubs back in the cooler. Well, I WAS going to tell the clerk, whom I suspect was the manager, that the cottage cheese was expired. But there were a couple people behind me, and I didn't want to embarrass the manager -- and more importantly, I didn't want to embarrass ME. So I kept silent. Someone could have bought that cheese, ate it, and DIED, perhaps! And it is all my fault. Oh, why was I afraid to rock the boat? Would I have been one of those people turning up the juice in the Milgram experiments? Would I have turned in my Jewish friends if I lived in Germany during the Holocaust? I like to think that I am not that way at all. But we all like to think we are not that way. And, the truth is, the vast majority of people ARE willing to shock someone to death or turn in their Jewish friends if the authorities simply say to do so. Studies have proved this.



[Politics Alert! Politics Alert!]

I am SO upset at the Democrats (whom I like to call the "Demon Rats") over lots of issues, but generally because they, as the Republicans too, have moved FAR to the right compared to where they used to be politically.

And, as I have said before, I am voting 3rd party for president in 2012. I am doing this even if the Republican nominee is really really bad -- even if he (or she, winky winky) promises to throw all men named Leroy in Gitmo to be tortured.*
No matter what, I'm voting 3rd party, or not voting at all. It's done.

*[This is no dumber than the suggested treatment, proposed by some potential Republican candidates and Fox commentators, of men named Mohammed.]


So, the US House has just passed health care legislation.

The good news and the bad news:

The good news: All of the Republicans strongly opposed this health care legislation. (So, it MUST be a good thing, right?)

The bad news: Almost every American strongly opposed this legislation too.

As many Americans, I have mixed feelings about the legislation, most of it negative.

A plus: Insurance companies won't be able to drop people because of pre-existing conditions. (I think this provision has 6 months until taking effect, though.)

A minus, a big minus: The working poor, even if they can't afford it, will now be required to buy PRIVATE health insurance. (NO PUBLIC-OPTION FOR YOU!) If you don't buy it, you will face large fines. If you can't pay the fines, you will go to jail.

Many have predicted that insurance prices will only SKYROCKET UPWARDS even more as a result of this legislation.

Another BIG minus: This is the literal end of the Democratic party. Now the Republicans will be the ONLY viable party. They will win EVERY election in 2010 and beyond, for virtually forever.

That is a pretty big minus. (Remember, they LITERALLY want to throw all American dissidents in Guantanamo to be tortured! -- see last post.)

I view the inevitable mass-election of far-right wacko Republicans as pay-back against America for this country's infinite sins throughout US history.

Yes. Burn, America, burn.

(Anyone for smoothies!?...)




gigi said...

Nice Pictures!
wow, i cant believe they sold expired food! thats gross

Amorphous Trapezoid said...

Thanks! I did go back to the 7-11 and tell them about the cottage cheese. One of the tubs had been sold in the meantime. I am not certain that the clerk/manager will do anything about the two remaining tubs.