Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sing It, Now

Blog post # 49:

Okay, people. Since I didn't post any pictures in my last blog-post, I will give you these two inadequate pictures I did yesterday and today.

My Sanity Confounding Me

Paradigm Of Rhombi


And since I haven't posted a poem (a word poem, anyway) in quite a while, here is an inadequate poem I wrote today. (It goes somewhat with the picture "Paradigm Of Rhombi".)


My Agnostic Dreams

Aglow, the loops of this asymmetric lemniscates
Invoke all aesthetic atheism before me.

Afloat, the strands of that conjectured shape,
They remain slightly above a sphere unwinding.

And in the egg wrapped by its vagueness, the
Papered cloth protrudes and encloses both
Ambivalence and certainty. But I am resigned
To my agnostic dreams. Yes, I am reawaken
Within such rhombi, within my strange immortality.

Aglow, each zigzag of our topology
Is expressed as assumptions extrapolated
From our conforming interpolation. Yet we
Rewrite those visions and recite those
Grotesque paragraphs of this contemplation.
And we deny the impressions of skeptics; we
Deny the loops that are our solitude, that are
Our counterintuitively mental and sour stigmata.


And now, another number poem ! :...


I usually don't put plusses between the numbers in my number poems, but I felt like doing so in this poem and in the number poem in my last blog post. The numbers don't follow any mathematical formula that I am aware of (but they DO follow some formula that I am unaware of, since all number sequences do).
These poems aren't about math, however, at least not in the strictest sense.
They are instead like the musical notes in a song or in a riff.
There are patterns, but they are more emotional than intellectual, although that can be said about a lot of mathematics too.

This short palindrome is apt here:

Music I sum.


I don't feel like writing anymore today, except, hey, read my old posts you may have missed, don't forget! And also don't forget that I have 3 new polls up!


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