Monday, November 2, 2009

Beauty And Ugliness

Blog post # 10:

I do not like to post poetry much on this blog, since I have another blog for that, and people don't usually like my poetry anyway.

Yet, even though I have problems with the poem I just wrote today (it is too unoriginal, for one thing. Plus it just sucks. But its suckiness coincides with its topic.), I have decided to post it anyway, among other things in today's post.


Beauty's paw concedes its blubbery bulbousness,
Yes. But it denies its stinging claws. It
Denies its teeth and its concubines. Yet it
Sleeps so as to descend upon us, upon my vast
Ugliness sustained and invariant despite my
Aging transcendence. Oh, beauty tastes me
With her fluids and teases me with her
Wings. But she is atrocious, certainly. Yes,
She is imagined in these vacant spells.
And she gapes and gasps regarding my sour
Viciousness, regarding my hideousness turning
Sideways. Oh, she assumes anew that she is
Praying. And she does pray for her distance.
She pleads for her triumph over such
Grotesque and gross depictions of my mind.
Yes, she flees unto the night's horizon.
And she hides from my light, from my
Revolting parameters each un-alphabetized,
Each inadvertent and innocently malicious.


Yes, the word "bulbousness" does not appear in my dictionary. Neither does "un-alphabetized". But I think it is obvious what they mean. So, I use those words anyway. Again I piss off the pedants. That doesn't bother me, truly.

(That's uncorrect! (sic), the pedants might say.)


Some typewriter-palindrome 'art':



I forgot my friend's birthday, even though I thought every day for a week before it that I had to call her. Then when the day itself came, I forgot all about the concept of birthdays for days until I was reminded this morning.

Sorry, S!
Happy birthday!



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