Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Blog post # 11:

Today's pictures are of a happy lot, yes.
(Except that the butterfly is enclosed and not free.)


I should use the word "pinch" in a poem...
Or failing that, I should use the word "poem" in a pinch.


I'll never get married. But still, if I did, my preference (got to talk to the Mrs-to-be about this first) would be for BOTH of us to change our names legally to something else, a common name that neither of us yet possesses.

That kind of sounds romantic to me -- a new life together and all. And, in any case, my current last name is my parent's. Hey, my MOM is Mrs [my current real last name inserted here]...


I don't want a funeral when I die. I hate going to funerals. And I don't want my friends and family partying without me and speaking about me out of my presence.


Hey, did you hear about how a electric chair now is powered by a lithium power-cell?

Yeah, the criminals are charged with a salt and battery....


I feel glossy today.


A neutrally-charged atom is an...


Leroy Quet

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