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Is this question self-referential?

Anyhow, if consciousness is the self-referentialness (a word?) of the mind, and self-referentialness leads sometimes to logic paradoxes (as in the famous line, "This statement is a lie."); then perhaps consciousness leads to logic-paradoxes. Sometimes (sometimes) we see beyond those paradoxes, however. (ie: common sense.)
Maybe this is the true power of the mind. Cutting the crap.

The mind is ultra-logical, beyond logic.

(Then some people can't even handle regular old thinking 'hard' about stuff....)


There are only two kinds of people in the world --

Me and everyone else.

(I would suppose that as far as most people are concerned, "me" can refer to any one individual, and the above would be true.)


Doing math, and observing religion and politics, I have come to the conclusion that:

NO MATTER HOW CERTAIN you are of any "fact" (even if you are even more sure than you might be that 1 = 1), NO MATTER HOW SURE you are, you could still very well be completely and totally wrong.



Maybe one reason I am celibate is that having sex or even dating would violate my definition of myself. For, I am the celibate one.

It actually would be immoral for me to date a woman. I am so hideously ugly that letting a woman love me -- if that is possible -- would be a sin.

And besides, being in love is conformist and makes me depressed, SO depressed.

(No thank you, ladies.)


I notice that my adult life is divided into phases. When I lived on my own in Colorado Springs, I was a songwriter, and I did some drawings. The first couple of years in Denver was my artistic phase, and did more drawings. Then I did nothing for a while. Then I was in my mathematical phase for a long time. (Mathematics was a creative outlet.) Now I am primarily a maker of computer art. And I write some poetry. And I now don't do that much math at all. I wonder what I will become in the future...


Can a non-conscious being wonder if it is conscious? Would a being have to have experienced consciousness, at least somewhat, to know enough of what consciousness is to ask if it exists in the being's mind?
(Can a non-conscious being truly wonder anything anyway?)


Thinking is just talking to yourself VERY quietly.

I only THINK I am psychotic.


What really bothers me about full-scale nuclear war, or the Earth being destroyed by a black hole or vacuum decay, is that nothing will survive us. If aliens came to our solar system 1000 years from now, there would be no trace of humanity at all. No art, no science, no mathematics, not even any preserved junk mail to show for our deceased civilization. Even the insects and bacteria, in the case of a black hole or vacuum decay, will not be given the chance to evolve and to rediscover what we have lost. All will vanish of what we were. All that you have ever cared about, loved, created, and worked for will cease to exist.

We will have lived for nothing.


What good is a dream that is forgotten?

(Stillborn dreams.)


I want to share my art, music, mathematics, poetry. I don't worry about people "stealing" it or using it as a basis for their own creations.
Creations of the mind are beauty, meant to be shared.


Reality can be color-by-numbers.

But mathematics can be number-by-the-colors.


(All of the above text in this post was composed between Oct 1998 and Aug 2000, with changes and rewrites done today.)


Leroy Quet

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Anonymous said...

Shelby here.
People have lived anyonomous lives for thousands of years. They lived, loved, fought, died but there is no trace of their lives now. Did they live for nothing because no one remembers them now? I don't think so. Life is meant to be lived in the moment more than remembered in the future. That's my semi-profound thought of the day.