Sunday, November 15, 2009

Metaphorical Phosphors

Blog post # 15:

I wrote this today. It sucks, I know. But I don't have many ideas of what to post today, and I don't feel like going back and looking for a better poem of mine.

Travesty Of Metaphors

A travesty of metaphors, these loci coil as
My thoughts, becoming the petals rising from
An unquiet blossom. But such riddles are mistaken.
Yes, these realities assumed, they become parables
Made elegant, made elaborate and yet overcome.

Thus, the dreams concur with simultaneousness.
Yes, they cooperate so as to glisten in their
Wiggling. However, each such metaphorical atrocity
Only exists in its idioms now conceived illiterately.

Ah, through the scribbles and stems of that epitome
Of hypotheses, of parentheses, these conjectured
Images become entwined. For, we partook in
Despised but inertial prose, and we partake anew
In poetry simply arrayed, simply arranged into
Grids and their silt, arranged into these
Hideous allegories of flowers wilting as rust,
Wilting as all riddles and all postulates
Incorrectly paraphrased.


Speaking of riddles: What seven-letter *palindrome* is a phrase for a museum that displays molds, fungi, and algae?

I will post the answer today in the comments to this post.


All of the enemies of the U.S. -- the terrorists, the Communists, the Fascists before them -- should be labled the T.H.E.M..
U.S. and T.H.E.M..
What would T.H.E.M. stand for, I wonder? Terribly Hideous Enemies of Mediocrity?


(By the way, notice how I ended the 2nd sentence above with two periods. I have the opinion that if someone ends a sentence with an abbreviation, then the sentence should end with two periods. This probably won't be confused with an ellipsis, which usually consists of at least three periods.)


"!!!" would be "punk-tuation".


An elaborate labyrinth would be an "elabyrinth".


"Megascopic": Too big to see.



What is beautiful to me?

Mathematics, the color fuchsia, rainbows, the cosmos, nature on Earth, women, art, music, poetry, virtue, intelligence, circles and spheres, imagination sometimes, dreams sometimes, reality sometimes.

What is ugly to me?

Evil, war, hate, torture, crime and other violence, dishonesty, pollution, foolishness, sickness, imagination sometimes, dreams sometimes, reality sometimes.


That's all for today.
Leroy Quet

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