Monday, November 23, 2009

Pass Into Pasts

Blog post # 18:

All of the below in this post, except the puzzle and poem at the end of this post, was written in the late 1980's and in the 1990's.


Thought is to emotion as form is to color....


.... form and color of the artwork of the soul,
the soul, whose existence is proved by dreams,
dreams of corkscrew time-warps,
and of wind-powered trains and surreal machines.


In another universe, the [analog] TV's get blurry when they are tuned slightly off a station.

Below zero-focus.


I want to build a wind-up digital watch.

And are there any Siamese triplets?


Gazing at the shadows rearranging themselves upon the walls,
rearranging themselves upon the light.


Reality: It is the absence of dreams. Dreams contain the soul, but the soul dwells in reality, but never knows it. That's what TV is for: to outline reality by casting its shadow on our perceptions.


Short story:

Dave at recording studio: "Hey, let's put some subliminal-messages in the next album we record."
Mark: "Yeah, good idea. Let's have them make chicks listening get horny and have everyone who is listening reject society's values."
Dave: "Cool."
Later: Store manager: " Hey, Tom. I have to cut down on shoplifting at my store somehow. What should I do?"
Tom: "At my store, Wes, we put subliminal-messages into the background music. Not only do the messages cut down on shoftlifting, but they also tell people shopping in my store to buy a lot."
Wes: "And these subliminal messages work?"
Tom: "Sales have been up this last year. Shoplifting has never been lower."
Wes: "Good idea. I'll try them."

The store manager installs the subliminal message mixer into the store's PA. But he carelessly loses his easy-listening tape and must ask his shelver Troy to loan him a tape in the meantime.

Troy: "Fine. But I don't think the customers will like this kind of music."

Wes: "I don't care. I'm desperate."

The tape is Dave and Marks latest...

Customers don't seem affected at first, except shocked that hardcore punk is being used as background music in a grocery store. The subliminal messages already in the music mix with the subliminal messages added by the grocery store.



Val, the customer, can't help it. She starts taking food cans off of the shelves and rubbing them all over her body erotically.
Sam customer thinks shoplifting is socially acceptable and does it to impress his girlfriend's parents.
People in the store start getting aggressive and begin fighting.
Soon the melee turns into a full riot as customers begin looting and trashing the store.
One man shoots someone.
The cops are called. But they hear the music too. They become sexual towards females in the store. Then they start shooting.
The riot is now full-scale. A TV station comes by to check on what is happening. But as the reporter does a live remote, the tape can still be barely heard in the background.

Those watching the newscast begin committing crimes and assaulting people. The story makes the national news. The US president is watching the newscast and subliminally hears the tape during a replay of the remote from the store. He then launches a nuclear war because he thinks it will get him elected. Everyone dies.
The end. ;)


It's like nothing you have ever seen before!

It's invisible.


Doing mathematics is like trying to solve a maze. One path leads to another, leading still to another, etc. It is not known if an approach taken will lead to the desired solution, will lead to some other beautiful result, or will lead to a dead end.


The mind is infinite in power. Proof: The chance of two randomly picked real numbers being exactly equal is a smallest value of 0%. (There are actually more real numbers than integers and fractions, as proved by someone else a long time ago.) But I can say, let x = pi. Let y = pi also. Or I could have instead gone, x = 1 and y also = 1. Presto. I have done the impossible! I have let two real numbers equal exactly the same thing.

Two real numbers picked completely at random are, of course, never the same. But the conscious act of setting the second number to the value of the first transcends all probability. Moral of the story: Consciously picking a number is not a (completely) random process.


I wish I didn't dream (the kind done during sleep). My least favorite time of the day is when I sleep. I hate the illusion, the deception, the anti-logic my mind produces while I am dreaming. It is Hell.


Okay, I will now post two poems. The first I post here is one of the very first poems I have ever written.

The second poem I post below I just wrote today. Compare and contrast.

(This poem was written in the late 1980's. It has been slightly edited since then.)

Red Light, Evil Light

In the tortured ghost-town of Earth
By the downtown graffiti-covered Wailing Wall, she waits.
Red light, evil light, outlined eyes, outlined mouth.
She talks with the Marilyn Monroes inside her.
But she can’t watch the afternoon soaps,
Since the Ultimate Television’s diagonal-hold has already gone insane.

She knows when the End will come,
The Nuclear Rapist, the massing armies,
The children who kill--
The children, who follow blind conformity
To the death music.
Art is evil.
We hear the mind pollution,
Music is evil.
In a different universe they ban the books about little taco-eating rodents.
Art is evil.
The Corpus fits the Itch.
Confused by insight.

Thought is to emotion as form is to color,
Form and color of the Artwork of the Soul,
The Soul, whose existence is proved by dreams,
Dreams of wind-driven trains and surreal machines.

In Oblivion I play the video game
On the video screen inside my brain.
I’m having so much fun
In Oblivion.

So, Nazi-50’s family, and virgin prostitutes, and overcoat ushers,
And erection criminals, and the vile and filthy youth of today,
And the outspoken madmen,
March in the parade,
Salute your idols as you pass them,
Salute your Mortal Goddesses.

They come to us in movies and on t.v.,
Beauty-marks, red hair, blonde hair,
Virgin Prostitutes, cramming, fucking in red, blue, and green.

And God sent to Earth, to save us from ourselves,
His daughter,
And we all promptly raped Her.

Who are the Daughters of God?
Angels? Whores?
The Girls of Light and Pure Image?
Or those of Uncertain Truth and Invisible Beauty?


(Written today.)

And In The Inflection

A sigmoid loop
Placed forwardly and tilted somewhat,
This is indeed an alluring allusion. For,
It sweeps from depth to thinness, and then it
Curls into its own concavity; then it flies
As a winged thorn thrust diagonally against
Geometry and extroversion. Ah, then it spirals
As a tube, as an existential cylinder, yes.
But this strap is round; it is sustained via
Its blurry glass. Oh, it is truly slender, and
It is falsely an insect. Yes, its sorrow is
Compromised by apathy. Yet such a configuration
Is only a quasi-knot; it is only mentally drawn
As dissected semicircles and bisected corpses.

And in the inflection, there is nothingness.
Ha, there in that crook, there is simplicity made
From perfume and parentheses. Yes, in this sigmoid
Loop are the serpentine arpeggios of maniacs,
Are those enumerations of wonder, of twine
Thereafter angry and therefore virtuous.


And finally:

Each of the (all relatively easy) answers to this puzzle is a palindrome.
The number in parentheses is the number of letters in the answer.

All answers are of two words, except the last two answers, which are 3 words and the last is 4 words.

As an example, the answer to number 1 is "DUMB MUD".

1: Stupid wet dirt (7).

2: Really cursedly angry (7).

3: Mediocre hip-hop (6).

4: A museum where you can find molds, algae, and slimes (7).

5: A place where you can buy cable cars (8).

6: A quality holster can keep your ____ ____ (7).

7: Wildebeest poop (7).

8: If I get the jitters in the morning, whether I like it or not, I may need to ____ ____ (9).

9: Bait or a noose or a pit or the spikes in the pit, for example (8).

10: If your lawsuit against Poseidon fails, you may want instead to ____ ____ (7).

11: One who tells fibs about the train tracks (8).

12: These times, we are afraid of. For, this ____ ____ ____ (11, 3 words).

13: In the game, I can either sketch the incorrect shape or I can give my opponent 1 dollar. In other words, I can ____ ____ ____ ____ (17, 4 words).

Leroy Quet


Anonymous said...

I'm going to name my next cat Wes.

Anonymous said...

Leroy here.
Answers to palindrome puzzles:

1: dumb mud
2: damn mad
3: par rap
4: ooze zoo
5: tram mart
6: gun snug
7: gnu dung
8: face decaf
9: trap part
10: sue Zeus
11: rail liar
12: era we beware
13: draw error or reward

Most of these were incredibly easy, but no one tried to answer them! Shame on you all! :)