Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Mind's Loxodromes

Blog post # 9:

Okay, relative happiness is once again upon me, as opposed to yesterday.


A new idiom: When someone gives you enough of something, you shouldn't just say "That is plenty".

You should instead say,

"That's plenty times twenty."


Why do digital clocks *to this day* almost all, if not all, *still* 
have the primitive 7-line LED-style display?? 
What I am saying is that, with today's technology, digital-clocks could all have high resolution, full color, interactive, customizable, 
multi-media, full-motion, internet-compatible, etc etc numerical 
But almost none use anything but display-technology that is at least 
40 or so years old. (I, myself, have never seen any clocks with any 
other type of display, but I have not been looking too hard.) 
Why so much technological inertia??...

For, even every artist-designed and 'avant-garde' clock I have ever seen, while possessing weird and inventive other aspects of the clock's shape and look, still always has that 7-line ancient-technology display.


And, is it possible in today's America to buy (at someplace other than a fancy-food grocery store) UNPICKLED raw cherry peppers?


Try to guess the two words:

There are (at least) 2 words where we can say:
"The _(word 1)_ was _(word 2)_."
Both words have the same 3 vowels, in the same order, as 3 consecutive
letters within them.
Word 2 is two letters longer than word 1.
The initial letter of each word is contained within the other word.
Both words have at least 4 vowels, and a vowel in each word, which is
among the 3 grouped together, is duplicated within the word. (Not
necessarily same vowel for both words is duplicated.)
There are 3 consonants that both words share.
I don't know if I have given enough clues yet to narrow this down.
If there are any other answers than the two words I intended that fit all the conditions, then these alternative answers are also considered to be valid solutions to this puzzle.

My intended answer in a couple days in the comments to this very post.


Ah, the mind's loxodromes.

We follow their pathways unto our invisible dreams.



1 comment:

Amorphous Trapezoid said...

My intended answer to the word puzzle is:
1) tableau
2) beautiful

Are there any other pairs of words that also work, I wonder?