Sunday, October 18, 2009

We Meet Again

Blog-day 2:

So, I googled  "hyperthetically", and came up with almost 29000 hits.
I also yahooed "hyperthetically", and came up with 18300 hits.
Yes, many of those links are to webpages simply misspelling "hypothetically". But many many of them are posted by people, thinking they are as clever and original as I am, intending to write "hyperthetically".


Hey, another anagram of mine.



Well, let us be frank, shall we. The one word that best describes me is LAZY.

Yes, I am creative, introverted, and mathematical.

But I am the damn laziest person I have ever known.

This is my hallmark. Laziness.

Inertia. Ah, inertia.


Okay, finally, here's a puzzle from my past. (No math.)

Hopping Frog Puzzle

 The frog starts at the upper-left lilypad, visits every lilypad once and only once, and ends up at the lower-right lilypad. The frog does 
not land in the water. 

Follow the steps below in order when determining how the frog jumps 
between pads. 
(If the frog is to jump, say, 3 places in a certain direction, he jumps 
over 2 @'s/~'s, landing at the 3rd position {which should be a @}.) 

Frog's pond: 
(View with fixed-width font so rows and columns line up.) 

(@ = lilypad 
~ = water) 

@ ~ ~ @ ~ 

@ @ @ @ ~

@ @ @ @ ~ 

@ @ ~ @ @ 

~ ~ ~ @ @ 

Rules governing how frog jumps. 

1) Start at upper-left lilypad.

2) Jump diagonally (southeast, southwest, northeast, or northwest) 
either 1 pad or 2 pads.

3) Jump 1 horizontally (ie. jump either left or right to adjacent pad).

4) Jump 1 diagonally.

5) If frog is now at the upper half of his pond (on one of top 2 rows), 
then go to rule 2 (and do rules 2 through 5 again). Otherwise, continue 
at rule 6. 

6) Jump 2 vertically (ie. jump 2 either north or south).

7) Jump 2 diagonally.

8) Jump 2 vertically.

9) Jump 1 vertically.

10) Jump 2 or 3 diagonally.

11) Jump 2 vertically or horizontally.

12) Jump 2 or 3 diagonally (Jump diagonally whether jumping 2 or 
jumping 3).

13) Jump 1 vertically or diagonally.

14) Jump 1 vertically or horizontally or diagonally.

15) Frog should now be at lower-right pad.

I do not know how many solutions there are to this puzzle, but I have 
found no others. 
(But I have not looked hard for alternative solutions.)



Leroy Quet


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