Friday, October 30, 2009

Dreams Of Mud

Blog post # 8:

I start off today with a children's joke.

Why are dogs usually so healthy?

Because people keep telling them to "heal"!


On that depressing note, I move to something not at all a joke.

You all who like happy writing more than my more dark writings may want to skip the rest of this post, except for the pictures (which ARE happiness-inducing, I hope). Be sure, though to read all my other posts, anyway. Those before this post are for the most part more cheerful.


I was listening the other night to a BBC story about the mass-rape during the Balkans conflict about a decade ago.
In the story I heard of such unimaginable evil. Also, in other stories of the conflict I heard of incredible atrocities being committed.
(People being forced to have sex with their own family members; women and children being raped and forced to become pregnant by the thousands; I heard that at least one man was forced to bite the testicles off of another man, then made to drink motor oil; women having their breasts chopped off. Stuff like that.)

Then, to add to my disgust for humanity, I just recently read an article about how US-held prisoners in Afghanistan and Iraq not only were tortured, but hundreds of these prisoners were tortured TO DEATH. (I already knew about this, but I still was shocked when I was reminded of it.)

So, I conclude, I really doubt that there is a benign god or gods, at least a god or gods with any ability to affect reality. But, I continued, there may indeed be a Devil.

Yes, there is a devil, and it is humanity. Maybe it is ALL of humanity, including the so-called innocents. Yes, it is just a few of us who have committed infinite evil. But this evil is so infinite that the guilt extends via our very humanness to all of us. For one thing, we are all at least somewhat guilty because the evil has been successfully committed. We have failed, or never tried in the first place, to prevent this evil. That makes all of us culpable.

And if we are all guilty for such evil, then maybe we all deserve to be damned.
I am not saying that we all will be damned, just that it would be a fitting punishment for our extreme failure to prevent such horrific evil.

(continued below)

And, yes I doubt that there is a god. But maybe there is, and god is evil too, maybe more so than humanity.

For, God rewards those who are humanity's most sinister, and punishes those who are humanity's innocent victims of evil. (For example, "honor killings" of rape victims, which I admit may not be God's will; But it is God's will, I bet, that people who suffered emotional trauma as children live decades less than others on average, according to a new study.)

And, as we hear time and time again, stress will kill you. Is this really fair to those who have suffered? Is that really fair to the women and children who were raped or to those who suffer in any of the world's many wars?

Tell those who were tortured in Guantanamo that stress is going to kill them.

"Now now, Mohammed. You have got to do something about your blood pressure!"....

This all makes me sick.

Cheerier posts later.
I promise.

Thanks, sorry,

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Anonymous said...

Check out Inquiry Into the Sand Creek Massacre for another hardcore look at the dark side of mankind.

"Did not the men who were cutting the fingers off the dead Indians for rings tell you that they were simply obtaining trophies, to preserve as reminiscences, to bequeath to their children, of the glorious field of Sand Creek?" -- Chivington