Monday, October 26, 2009

Rather Disturbing

Blog post # 7:

America has the "The War On Poverty", "The War On Drugs", and now the "War On Terror".

What America, and the rest of the world, really needs is a
War On War!

Fight for peace!

And I mean, don't just give "Peace on Earth" lip-service.



As I said in an earlier post, I don't know if WE exist (let alone a god).

Back when I was a teenager, I was super under-weight because of an eating disorder I had. When I was in the hospital for my weight-loss, I heard schizophrenia-esque voices claiming that I was being put into suspended animation, and my dreams would be computer-controlled to appear real. (As in the movie The Matrix. But this was way before that movie came out)

These computer-controlled illusions were called "productions", and the device that manipulated them was called the "production machine".

Well, I recovered after that episode of my life, thankfully. But sometimes I wonder if the voices were telling the truth. For instance, on many occasions when I am in public I will be thinking about something, then someone near me will mention a word or concept that echoes what I was thinking about.
Sometimes I will think, "If this is just a dream, then somone in this room will cough in 3 seconds." Three seconds later, I hear someone cough.

Sometimes, when I am wondering about the answer to a question, I will "ask" the universe for the answer. I then take a book or a sheet of paper with text on it, and randomly pick out a word or phrase. The "answer" almost always makes sense in terms of the question. The answer isn't always true, I must say! But lots of time it is, or is close to the truth, it seems.

Anyway, reality sometimes seems false, somehow.


Speaking of non-existence.

Why was it ironic that the two nihilists fell in love with each other?

* They had nothing in common...*


I loathe our society's beatification of beautiful people, and loathe our bigotry -- that is what it is, really -- against the relatively less attractive.

I bet in other older societies, ugly people were revered -- much like how the elderly and mentally ill were revered in some older societies. For, the ugly people at least were probably useful in scaring away demons and evil spirits. And they probably allegedly had other magic powers.

Okay, I am going to do what I swore to myself I would never do: Post my picture on my blog.

And, take this!, evil spirits!

I LOVE my ugliness. I am like the punk-rock singer (or character actor) who uses his ugliness to his own advantage.



I'm so old
that I am losing all of my hair.

Oh, it is still attached to my head,...
but I keep forgetting where it is..


Q: Why was the vending-machine only selling chaos?

A: Because it was out of order.....


Two pirates pass each other on a ship's deck.
"Aye, captain!", says one.
"Shouldn't that be 'Aye, aye, captain!'?", asks the other.
"Ehh... I believe in an 'Aye' for an 'Aye, aye'."...


Given that many of the Religious-Right'ers believe that "Life begins at conception", shouldn't they strive to be, instead of "Born again":
"Unborn again" or "Conceived (immaculately this time...) again"?...


Q: Where do doctors speak to the dead?

A: At a say-ahhhh-nce....


Leroy Quet


Christie said...

Thanks for the jokes. I needed them today! (I especially love the vending machine joke)

Anonymous said...

After seeing that Amber found you, I wanted to find you, too.


I did it!!