Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hyperthetically Speaking

Hello. Welcome to my new blog. I call it "Hyperthetically" because it is more than just hypothetical. It is more than simply conjectured. It exists if you do. Do you?


First, some word-play. The following image represents a...


(I made this image just because of the pun.)


Now some anagrams.

USA/Iraq game
As a quagmire


Afghanistan dies
If a snag, then I sad.


The truth is a clock with many hands.

What time is it? Now. When? Then.

Oh, maybe the truth is a clock with NO hands.

(You people argue about this amongst yourselves...)


We live in the psycho-mat. Yes, place your quarters here. You are in the machine, as it spins and suds us all. Seek the enlightenment of such pastel-colored plaid. Awake! We are still here. It is time for the rinse cycle.


Let me share with you some other links.

My image website is here:

Update (9-30-2010): Web address censored because hacker added virus to site.

(You can get my email address there, too.)


My poetry blog, "Amorphous Trapezoid", is here:


My games blog is here:

In this blog there are many games I made up.


Stay tuned...

Leroy Quet


Amorphous Trapezoid said...

Just testing the comments page. You all post a comment if you really really want to (or if you only sort of want to).

Christie said...

I LOVE this blog!

USA/Iraq game can also be anagramized (?) as "siga a quemar," which is maybe a slightly grammatically incorrect way to say "continue to burn" in Spanish. Har!

Anonymous said...

blog right flavor
gg via brthl floor

Anonymous said...
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Amorphous Trapezoid said...
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