Monday, October 19, 2009

On Symmetry

Blog post # 3.

I added the picture to the title of my blog. How do you all like it? The picture is titled "A Metaphor Sufficing". I have at least 1000 (!) pictures I have made that I could have used. So, I do not promise that this picture is the most appropriate. Not at all. But, as the title of the picture say, it suffices!


I am a believer that at least some of what we dream (probably not all) is actually taking place in another universe. Since I read something about what follows in my dream last night, I think the idea may actually be plagiarized. (I may have seen something about this in THIS universe as well.)

As we all intuitively know, the sphere is perfectly symmetrical. Rotate it at any angle, and you still have a sphere that looks pretty much the same. (Unless it is covered with some kind or ornamentation. But the shape of it remains "invariant under rotation".)

Well, the sphere is therefore a representation of conformity, safety at the expense of freedom. This is America after 9-11. This is the latest fad, the oldest fad, all aspects of our society that remain unchanged, even after rethinking them.

But the antithesis of this is asymmetry, especially if indescribable in its shape. This is perfect freedom, nonconformity, ugliness, all our little uncomfortable feelings of not fitting in. This is what scares those in power. This is perfect in its misshapenness and imperfection.

But we, we are each somewhere between. We possess symmetries, but not an infinite number of them. Our souls strive for freedom, but for safety as well. This is beauty. This is evenness and oddness juxtaposed.


The only certain reality is the darkness.
Beware the vacuum-decay.

Leroy Quet


Amorphous Trapezoid said...

Some of you observant lookers will notice that the picture I used to represent "asymmetry" is actually symmetric, at least in some ways!


Amorphous Trapezoid said...

PS to my comment above:

My failed attempt at posting a picture of asymmetry makes me think...
So, does asymmetry even exist at all? Does freedom? Or are "asymmetry" and "freedom" just illusions?

Anonymous said...

As far as asymmetry, you could post "shards" from 2004 maybe?

I like the "evenness and oddness juxtaposed" -- favorite part.

(and i am confused as to why i have to post my comment anonymously when i thought i'd signed in as a follower. hmmm)

Amorphous Trapezoid said...

Note to "Anonymous" (either Christie, Joanne, or Jack): I think you have to be signed in as a member Blogspot, or as a member of some other on-line journals such as Word Press or LiveJournal, to post non-anonymously. And then there are problems with that sometime.

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Christie said...

I love this post.

I've always been a big fan of asymmetrical balance, for lots and lots of reasons.