Monday, August 1, 2011

Isosceles Things

Blog post # 217:
(217 = 7*31.)

Coarse Divergence

Repellent Inclusion



A couple of anagrams:

Dire poison ends.
Do depression in.

(This one is grim.)


I hid or enclosed.
Hold inside core.


Two poems, written yesterday and today:

Eradicated Cone

An eradicated cone
flees from itself, becoming and
Betraying its centrifuge
with the subterfuge of
That repellant disintegration.
Such matter
Distances its truth from
its reality. And it
Fulfills its inadequacy, quite,
then it dissolves
Coarsely and
very divergently. Then it
Is eradicated and made
inconsistent. Yet its
Chunks are freed and
its blood is massive.
And this amnesia of cones
is forgotten, although
It is severed and segmented
so as to exist.

But that flow of
substances outwardly is
Correctly wrong.
It behaves abruptly, and it
Despises all inertia.
Oh, the cone is to be
Its loss; it is to be
its avoidance. However,
It somehow is senile and insane.
Yes, it somehow
Is eradicated; and somehow it is
vanquished regarding
Its death; it is vanquished
regarding its sicknesses,
Regarding its dreams
of torrid damnation, regarding its
Delusions of torrential finitude,
finitude utterly
Significant, utterly entwined
by hated explosiveness.


Of Unrealistic Swirling

A swirling reality of
unrealistic swirling, this is
A loop embedded amongst
a pair of disks. This is
The counterbalance of
partiality imposed and impure.
It is the counterintuitive merging
of counterclockwise
Cloth; it is the merging of
one colorful paradox. Oh,
Encircled are these circles spun.
But they obtain
Their obtuseness via
intent's isosceles extremes. Yes,
That gaseous viscosity
rotates about all imagery.
But it is not recreated,
despite its recurrence.
Yes, no, it does hold
in this arc its writhing.
It does hold in its solitude
our churning duplication.
And it does cling to its
drowning, quite. Yes,
It is suffocated by its
faulty but fulfilling swirling,
By its transparency strung
unto that inclusion.




Psycho Babbling Basher said...

I love this one.
"merging of
one colorful paradox" blows my mind!

flip said...

If a geometry book hooked up with a dictionary on an acid trip, it would begat your poetry. I like.

Amorphous Trapezoid said...

Thanks for the comments, psycho and flip. They made me happy.