Monday, August 8, 2011


Blog post # 219:
(219 = 3*73.)

Intermediate Maximum

This Hemispherical Sorrow

Dreams Of Circumferences

Deprived Of Denial


One anagram today:

Our Dissection
Is cut or is done.


In a much earlier post, I ranted about why I don't want to wear glasses, even though I need to.

But why should I indeed wear glasses anyway?

Because if you are a "four-eyes", then you can...
.. four-see.. things..

(Har har)

I am not philosophical anymore. When I was younger, I would contemplate everything from the nature of reality and dreams to mathematics. But now my thoughts are dead. Am I mindless as a result of age, or maybe because of the (legal) pharmaceuticals I take, or for some other reason?

In any case, I cannot impress you all with anything important to say today, despite that at least a couple of you want me to post more philosophies.
Maybe in later posts, hopefully soon, I won't be so numb in the brain.

But now, I am oblivious.
Now, I do not ponder.


Poetry! Two poems, written 2 days ago and yesterday.

Its Underside Toppled

Of prongs and flaps,
an oversized underside is
Fluidly flung; and it is
wrapped and warped, but it is
Intermediately edgewise,
but it is internally horizontal,
But it is violently unusual
aside from its nonexistent
Whole. Ah, and of that
spiky spiral, this uncertainty
Is not knotted.
But it is overlapped and
Weirdly beautiful
and beautifully wired although
Uglily strung. Ha,
these prongs and flaps
Do intersect and flow,
thus being curvilinear
And incorrect within
their maxima, within
Their minima all arcing.
However, the
Hemisphere is
gaping and gouged. And its
Putridity is its rust.
Yet it glistens never, but
Still it is corrosive.
For, its coarse smoothness
Is its violation;
it is its underside toppled
Then enclosed by such rot,
then enclosed by such
Poisoned suddenness
of prongs and flaps elsewhere
Becoming thorns,
elsewhere betraying that loss,
Betraying that dull disintegration.


Annulus Of A Weird Hole

An annulus of a weird hole
-- a hole rotated, round,
Oddly placed and shaped --
it punctures that oval,
And it penetrates
that stupid disk of such
Frustrating dreams.
But the ring is unequal
To its gap. Oh, I saw it
in the alphabetization
Of cylinders. Quite, ha.
Yet the annulus is
Undescribed and unbeautiful.
Its ugliness,
However, is fantastic.
And its strangeness is
Both opaque and transparent.
Yes, it is both
Elliptical and curved
but never equilateral.
Thus, it intrigues my
random forethoughts (all
Forgotten) with this
misalignment. But I
Ignore its unresponsiveness.
I do ignore its
Coincidental hole,
ignore that circumference of
Its lacking. I ignore the
weirdness of an annulus;
Although it transcends
such nonexistence and becomes
An impressive loop,
a loop rotated, round,
Oddly placed and shaped,
oddly and awkwardly actual,
Awkwardly angular,
actually distinctive
But not drawn of
metal or water or suddenness.




flip said...

Maybe you used up all of your philosophy.
Or maybe you had a slow leak.

Anonymous said...

Here for the pics and never disappointed.

Psycho Babbling Basher said...

Deprived of Denial?

How sad can that be? =(