Sunday, August 28, 2011

Wondrous Condemnation

Blog post # 224:
(224 = 2*2*2*2*2*7.)

Themselves Almost Stale

Worsening Godliness

Haunting Obliviousness

Narcissistic Minima


No anagrams today.
I do have poll-results, though.

Question: Which of these do you hate most?

"Injustice" wins with 5 votes.
"Deception" comes in next with 3 votes.
"Stupidity" gets 1 vote.
"Crookedness", "Disease", "Bad Luck", "Violence", and "Hatred" each get 0 votes.


Two poems today, written yesterday and today.

Of The Oculus With Occlusion

It is not an eye
within this sphere. It is
A hole of colors
all descending beneath it.
And before that egg-like thing,
a smaller sphere
Of transparent glossiness
hovers upon the right.
But it too obscures
such imagination. It too is
The eclipse of
ambiguous haunting. Oh, inside
All juxtaposition of
the oculus with occlusion,
Never are these paradoxes
to invoke their illusion.
But the geometry itself
is misinterpreted, yes.
And it is not an eye,
yet it is seen again
By its own vantage.
Ah, in the purple
And yellow and cyan,
this conjugation is
Formed from its obliviousness.
But it remains
Blind and asleep, quite.
And it becomes such a
Wound of our swirling,
becomes such a gash
Of our utmost observation.


Of Our Condemnation

Of our condemnation,
we are quiet and despised.
Oh, in our hateful annihilation,
we will be
The very evil we suffer.
Yet our ignorance and
Atrocity is the damnation
we are to excrete.
Yes, of our condemnation,
we vanish within
Such minima. And
that evil is to become
A dream of falsehoods
and their
We have been cursed
From the sins of
our tormentors. Thus
We are surely to die
in blindness and horror.
We are to be destroyed
by that unjust resentment.
And we are to be
murdered by the idiocy
Of all minds.
We are then to be
Condemned, are then
to be but only bigots,
Are to be but only fools
of this narcissism
We concede to our
unworthiness itself incapable.



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flip said...

Nice imagery. I don't think things are as bleak as you do. But you are supremely talented.