Friday, August 5, 2011


Blog post # 218:
(218 = 2*109.)

I will make you all suffer with this dreadful post.

Plurally Reverberant

Mathematics Not Numbered

Otherwise Not Wrung

Parabolic But Folded


Speaking of ugg. Get this!...

After you pass-away , you go to a greater...


(Speaking of speaking of stuff...)

Speaking of dimensions,

"Dimension" is an anagram of "mini-nodes".

More crappy anagrams:

Sad when wetting real flowers...
and sweltering weather flows.


Okay, why diminish her?
Oh, hey, I shrink midway.


To turn as hope
Oh, rotate, spun


Poll results!

Which of these do you miss the most from what used to be in my blog?

8 votes total:
Puns/word-play wins with 3 votes.
Philosophy gets 2 votes.
Anagrams and math puzzles each get one vote.
Politics and word puzzles each get no votes.

(I'm kind of shocked that math puzzles beat word puzzles, even if just by one vote.)


Two poems: Written 3 days ago and 2 days ago.

Contraction Of Contradiction

The contraction of
contradiction (un-contradicted)
Diminishes, and it yet is absurd,
and it yet is
Abstract, and it yet is
un-rotated but still made, but
Still identical to its sequence,
to its sphericalness
Oddly illusory and algorithmic.
It is surely dampened
Regarding such valuations.
And it is damned
Regarding its positioning.
But that isosceles blob
Does billow. It does
truncate all procession
Inwardly against a vain finitude.

Oh, the lengthwise roundness
of this multiplication,
It is both encircled and
paraphrased. Although
Such words are exact
and condensed. Yes,
They shrink upwardly
but not leftward.
And they curve unto
the corner of triads.
Oh, quite, they coil and
are not spiraled. Quite,
Each meaningless trapezoid
is drawn within,
And each thought is
drawn again into
Its reverberation
coursing beautifully
So as to be that
equation of inequality, that
Equation of etceteras
implied but explicitly plural.


Inside Every Sideways Mistakenness

I forewent such games
of spectra, of numerals
Without number, of numbers
yet counted. And
I did not anger my imagination
with these grids
We frustrate and
strategically embed. But, yes,
I did embed those games
in their completion. And
Then I multiplied by
consistency and continuation.
Then I summed by
rows and their rotation.
Ah, I then enumerated
that depiction of
Abrupt existences.
But the games are
Still to be drawn. And
they are devoid of
Insanity's permutations.
They are configured again
Into dreams, and the dreams
are contained inside
Every sideways mistakenness
of this conformity,
Inside anew any
sideways mistakenness
Of this placement upon all,
of this peculiarity
Elsewhere mathematical
but never trigonometric,
But never incorrectly delusional,
never wrongly



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Psycho Babbling Basher said...

I love the Contraction of Contradiction. Whilst your style is visually stimulating, I find the depth more fascinating.