Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Coming Hell

Blog post # 223:
(223 = a prime, maybe.)

Illusion Of A Curlicue

Imprecise Nuance

Something Intermediate

Insistent Poison

Extroversion Invoked


No anagrams or poetry today. Screw that.

My mood is better. But I still feel hopeless whenever I have small moments of sanity.
This is the fact: Either you are totally depressed and anxious, or you are totally psychotic.
Anyone with any intelligence at all and who knows the facts has NO hope for our future.
We ARE doomed.

Well, the most evil people amongst us aren't doomed. They will do quite well, thank you.

But anyone with any sense of justice will be rounded up and tortured in the coming world.

Society has already achieved a dystopian state, I know. (With the bad economy, overreaching surveillance, wars based on lies, mass-stupidity, grave injustices, nuclear accidents, etc, etc.) But things are about to get much worse, infinitely worse.

Then we will all kill ourselves, and then go to Hell for doing so.




Anonymous said...

no hope :(

Amorphous Trapezoid said...

So sorry to depress you, Ima. You're young. Maybe there is hope for you.

flip said...

Maybe you could try not paying so much attention. Then you wouldn't be so outraged.