Tuesday, July 20, 2010


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Not much today.

An Alkaline Syllable

Cater-Cornered Causality

Placement Of Radii

Transcendent Tapering Overwhelmed


[Politics Alert! Politics Alert!]

I'm such a "bleeding-heart" progressive,...
that I am a member of the TEAR Party!...
Boo hoo hoo, whine whine whine.


[Poetry Alert! Poetry Alert!]
(Written yesterday.)

Of Disks Upon Disk

Off-centered is the center of that loop, is
The middle of that asymmetrical lemniscates,
A hole, a partition.
It swallows the depth of this thick disk. And
It swirls as to its hollowness within both
Circumferences and radii, within that mess.

Oh, within that imperfect flame abutting all,
There the imagined vagueness is quite such
Colorful and laterally flowing ejecta.
And it encloses the disk that encases the hole.
Yes, it supersedes its superstition; yet it is
Surely surreal in its arrogance.

And the fire is 3/4 round. Its completion is
Tapered and flaring. But in this circle, the
Disk is obtained from its duplication --
Twice these lines curve into loops, into holes
And steam and origination. Yes, upwards
Then surrounding, this object appears as a face,
As a caricature of nothingness expressed. Ah,
In the placement of disks upon disk, their
Thicknesses explode. And the emptiness defined
Via an asymmetrical lemniscates, it is yet
Horizontal. But it spins diagonally, and it
Descends vertically, and it burns as gaseous air
So as to seep, so as to sip only stone and mud
And their tempered permutations.



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