Friday, July 23, 2010

Laterally Nonexistent

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Equilateral Perfume

A Fluid Configuration


Here are some words I associate with truth:

Science. Mathematics. Theorems. Conjectures. Logic. Paradoxes. Everything. Nothingness. Matter. Space. Time. Universe. Uncertainty. Ambivalence. Coincidence. Transcendence. Existence. Hallucinations. Imperfection. Information. Intelligence. Wisdom. Stupidity. Consciousness. Solitude.

Notice I didn't say "love" or "hatred". That is because love and hate are almost always based on false assumptions.


Here is an anagram:



Here is a riddle.

What color is the ozone?

(Answer after poem below.)


[Poetry Alert! Poetry Alert!]

(Wrote this today.)

Complicated Wedges

Instilled within these distillates, a complicated
Wedge lies against adjacency, against arrogant
Reality placed flatly. And yet this thickened
Triangle is dull and opaque. It weighs of
Its imperfection quite ideal. And it is simply
Horizontal and directed rightward. It is
Surely coarse but smoothly cut from coils
And clay and matter.

Beside that and above it, placed sideways onto
Its flow, oh, a complicated wedge, secondly,
Grasps the first; and then it thinks of
Configurations. And, yes, these two forms are
Angular and congruent. Oh, they each do
Transpose -- via direction and rotation and
Their dimensions -- against and into such
Counterpoint. Ah, this compromise of the
Drama made from stagnancy, it is aware
Of these amalgams and isotopes unanimated.
Yet the wedges cease their composition.
And they again are laterally nonexistent, as
Are those distillates solidly passive, solidly
Coincidental and exactingly reactive, particularly.


Riddle answer:

The O-Zone is O-Range, of course!



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