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Labyrinth-ia Minora

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[Note: I have just come up with a dirty anagram. I am warning you all if you are easily offended, I put it at the end of this blog-post.]


Here is a very short number poem:



Speaking of number poems: I have said before that solving a math problem, and coming up with a mathematical proof, is a lot like solving a maze. (Many possible paths, some leading to dead-ends, etc etc.)
But creating a mathematical proof is also like writing a poem.
Line-by-line, all that follows in a proof is derived from what went before.

And if A = B, and B = C, then A=C. So, maybe writing a poem is like solving a maze.
At each step in the process, you can have plural possibilities to choose from. Which choices you make determine the ultimate shape of your path through the literal labyrinth.


Okay, a WORD poem I wrote today. (Then as promised, a dirty anagram! Stay tuned.)

[This poem is based on the picture above, "Looming Extrapolation", somewhat.]

Tangentially Detrimental

As a triangular square, this squarish triangle formed
The one isolated and imperfect corner of iridescent
Wood, of violent glass. Yes, it is but a theoretical
Shard coming unto its orthogonal cusp centered.

And as a flow of feathers and imagination,
From that central jag came refracted colors of
Ambivalent amplitudes, of certain flatness.

Oh, as a spiraled ghost, emptiness turned and
Narrowed to be near this vertex. Yet such
Vicinities were upwardly placed as clouds, as stars.

Ah, the shadows beneath were unimpressive. But
Drawn within these loops of duplication, I saw
The visions die and the geometries resurrect. As
An existential sleep, we traversed the
Parameters of human dreams. And as our
Equilibrium -- it is thrust through time -- we were
Triangular; we were squarish. For, such injustice
Is our blame and our shapely analysis: Disembodied,
Diagonally tired, tangentially detrimental.


[Warning: Dirty anagram!
Warning! Dirty anagram!]

I just whipped this up in little time just a few minutes before posting.


(Okay. Okay. So that didn't live up to expectations. Sorry. But what if I did not give the warning, then all of you were confronted by my anagram? What if you were a puritan? What then?)



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