Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Blog post # 89:

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Of these four pictures (made over the last 4 days), I myself mostly appreciate the bottom two. (Which is another way of saying that I least like the top two.)


Okay, in my last post to this blog I was sad. Now I have the antidote to sadness in this blog-post!

You know what I found helps me with sadness, such as a broken heart? Surprisingly, it is mocking my own sadness. Like singing fake violin music and going, "Boo hoo, little Leroy[your own name here] is so SO sad, poor poor him," in a mocking and sad baby-talk voice. This gives you control over your emotions, I think is why it worked for me after a women rejected me. I haven't tried it yet in regards to other things I have been sad about, but now I will. Also, I liked listening to some old blues when I was going through that heartbreak -- so this standby does indeed help, too.

Just thought I would spread the wisdom.


* Do Jesus-fish walk on air??....


You know what is funny? The word "ding".

Take this example, after a minor fender-bender:

"Hey, jerk, you DINGED my car!
Hey! You DINGED my car, asshole!"

It is all in the context.

One last thing today.
I have stopped trying to maintain my weight. And I have definitely stopped trying to lose weight.

I figure this:

1) Even if I was thin, I would not get a date. I don't really want to date, anyway. And I am ugly for lots of reasons, whatever my mass.

2) I sincerely believe that I am about to die within the next few years somehow. Either I will loose my "socialized" medicine government insurance, which is already puny in substance, and die from an untreated disease or condition. Or Sarah Palin will become president in 2012 and then kill us all in a nuclear war she starts to bring about the Apocalypse.

(Side note: How does Sarah Palin end the world? The Apoca-LAPSE, of course!...)

[Update: I forgot to say why feeling like I am about to die leads me to care less about my weight. Two reasons: The obvious reason, why worry about my health if I am going to die soon anyway? And the fact that if I don't have long to live, then I should enjoy life. Why suffer by dieting when I can be free to eat as I please instead?]

So why suffer anymore, when eating even just the amount of food I am hungry for leads me to gain weight? What is the point of worrying about food? So what if I get fat!?



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