Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bugs A'Plenty

Blog post # 87:

I know I just posted to this blog yesterday, but I felt that this post couldn't wait.

I just made this picture:

Reverberant Froth


The following is more prose than poetry. So, don't fret. A true story.

Eulogy For The Bug

I killed a bug yesterday, probably many.
Poor diminutive bug -- it was just walking along the tabletop, keeping to itself, not trying to disturb anyone; being sort of cute, I think.

It did not realize it was about to die.

I swept my hand over it -- although my intention was to only brush it from my life; but, alas, I was careless. I unemotionally smushed it quickly into a bug-colored streak.

Poof. It had always been a grand bug. But now, as its body evaporated, its soul had been released via a metamorphosis into purity, into a pureness more magnificent than I will ever know myself.

For, it had never killed, as I have. And it was not to be bothered by its own death; yet I am bothered by my own impending demise.
I should have understood the sudden and unexpected pain the bug felt as my hand crushed it and smeared it across the Formica. Oh, I should have known what it had known. And someday soon I will know, we all will know. But then we will be mourned. We will be considered great.

But the bug, it had only failed at impressing us. Yet when it died, it damned me and my human denial. Yes, and that made it great, just as it made me...


One final note today. The recent poll seems to be acting buggy, speaking of bugs. I myself originally voted for one particular color, then it recorded my vote as being for something else. Please comment here to this blog-post if the color you vote for is not the color that is displayed as being your vote. Maybe things are working again and the bug has been fixed-- but maybe not.



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