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Blog-post # 418:
(418 = 2*11*19.)

Six newly inanimated arts:

Provably Not Regarding
Any Provability

Transmutations Transposed
With Transparency

Inflections Therein
Of Everything

To Overlap The Overlapping
More Than To Overlap Per-se

As Molecular Were
Once Any Stones

A Universe Entangles...
In Eternal Vagueness

(Bottom image's name is
the top anagram below.)
(11 -- Eleven even?
Oddly, more so odd.)

A universe entangles...
In eternal vagueness;..


.. As dimensions are...
In a dream's noises.


A stone surrealism
is crystalline
and then atomic.
Any molecular
are in this:
Its randomness.


Chaotic roundness
encloses surrealism.
Circular randomness
else once thus so is.


Every transmutation
made solidity's
inflections' coil.
Any iconic universe
almost did mostly
rotate in itself.


This absolute intermediacy
was almost a loss.
It is as centrally made,
but also is somewhat so.


Simple slings:


Simple lesson:
One misspells.


Once a grin.

[^I might have posted
this one already.]

The sanity's deja-vu
again stirs anew.
It was as is anything
as rejuvenated.


The damnation is
glassy or surreal.
As your dreams are
still as nothing.

(Is an I; again as I...)



The shape of chaotically-
shaped circles is their..



Life is a prison;
and death is no escape,
as ever reborn into
that prison you will be,
.. according to the
theory of..



Having yourself an
out-of-body experience
is finally..

getting over yourself..

[There is a dirty joke
that can be made about
a so-called out-of-body
experience, too, about
a guy who has a difficult
time getting the ladies..
in reality. You might
be able to figure out what
that joke is yourself,..
if you can.. handle it..]




Many US companies spend
quite a huge amount of
money on their R and D..

.. On their Republicans
and Democrats, that is!..

{^I may have read/heard this
joke somewhere else before.}

People 'joke' (haha) about
America's major political
parties both being too..

"Political parties are
people, too, my friend."
But are political parties
sentient and conscious,
Can they even differentiate
between good and evil?
If not, can they be found
at trial "innocent" by
reason of insanity?


CrAzY particle
physicists study..

ill-a'mentally particles.


Quantum-physics is an..

inexact science..

(I am.. uncertain.. if I
have or have not posted
this joke already.
That question is quite a..
humdinger of a Schrodinger.)

Speaking of quantum-physics:

Perhaps -- and I think this
is actually a possibility
under the scientific theory
-- the simultaneous
measurements of a particles',
say, momentum and position,
can be taken with arbitrarily
accurate precision, maybe
after all.
But... Maybe the scientists
themselves or their measuring
devices, or even your own
observations of the results
(by reading about them online
in the popular media, say),
or maybe even you yourself in
some way, and/or perhaps even
all of reality as a whole
in some way... may be what
is/are actually existentially
being inaccurate and
imprecise regarding the
"observation" of that
particle's two measurements.


Theory regarding the afterlife:

(I am not saying this theory
is necessarily correct.
Maybe someone else can even
start a religion based upon
this theory, if that has not
already been done -- but I
will not join this religion,
and I might not even want to
be the leader of it.
Anyway, the two main ideas
of this theory are old ones
I have not myself invented.
I am just combining them.)

We each reincarnate as
ourselves. Upon your death,
your consciousness travels
backwards through time to
when you yourself were born.

Furthermore, consciousness
itself is a result of itself
in the adjacent life (either
in the previous or in the
following cycle of your
life) observing your present
thoughts and emotions at the
time they are occurring in
the present and also via the
memories of your thoughts.
And moreover, in-turn,
that consciousness too is
being observed by your
consciousness in the yet
next cycle of your life.
And THAT consciousness is
being observed by the
still next consciousness in
the sequence, ad-infinitum.

So, we are aware of what we
are aware of what we are
aware of what we are aware...
And thus, conscious exists
simply because... it does.

(I know that a similar idea
of time-loops has been used
to try to explain deja vu.
However, I do NOT think
these time-loops are really
the cause of deja vu.
{Although, on this topic:
funny that often when I get
deja vu, I also have it
regarding having had the
deja vu itself, as if
there really are time-loops
Deja vu, I think, instead
is a more mundane
phenomenon, maybe caused
when something else --
something different but not
too different -- which you
have actually experienced
before then leads to
similar subconscious
associations in your mind.)


Speaking of,.. Xistence..
Regarding the discovery, via
X-ray crystallography, of the
molecular double-helix shape
of DNA:

This they say
about that DNA:
It made an X
in their X-ray.

[Must have been DNA
from an X chromosome?..
Maybe not, actually, but..
XX showed the way, anyway,
to be.. Franklin about it.]
Seriously, though,..
Band-name possibility:

"As Genocide Against Demons"

[Warning: Cold-War-inspired
internet jokes.
Warning: These jokes may
very well be unoriginal,
beyond even the fact that
the quotes parody a famous
Russian-American comedian
whose name I cannot spell.]

Yuck-off Smack-off says,...

"In America,
internet surfs YOU!"..

but meanwhile,..

"On Russia internet,
product is YOU!"..

(On this topic:
Hey, they indeed have
some decent broadband
in Russia!.. but they
put them ladies in jail..)


And, lastly today, I know
whenever I am speaking about
transposition to you all,
I am only already..

.. 'quiring to the preacher.



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A Universe Entangles...
In Eternal Vagueness
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