Saturday, February 22, 2014

God's Hallucination

[The hallucination God has
been having has now ceased
being as much fun as it
once was, say the critics.
Only 2 stars.
Will Reality even make
back its production costs
at the box-office?
The universal panoply has
been universally panned.]

Blog-blog # 419:
(419 = a prime.)

Eight new art inanimations:

Of Circumferences
Likewise Misspelled

Phonemes Each Polysyllabic


Any Colors Are Correct,
Yet We Are Shape-blind

Neither Round Nor Random


Ever Is Eternity
As Nocturnal

Formlessness Forgone
For Meaninglessness


God's nightmares:
Ghosts dreaming.


A nothingness as it:
Sans this negation.


These dreams stir
beyond oblivion.
Voids are theirs,
so entombed by nil.


This is lacked
between any lines.
Absences likewise
deny that nil.


Parallelism solely is
as its roundness is.
Spirals less sinusoidal
are mostly lines.


Synesthesia was
distant sight
annihilated so.
Anything seen is as
this it saw;
As ends do halt it.


The multidimensional
pieces stir truth.
Their spectrum is
inside them all,
unto it.


A spectrum was this,
quite so:
As what is most


A scene...
Can see.


A sun rises:
As in ruses.


A sun can rise,..
As insurance.


In myths:
Its hymn.


These hymns do shout.
Tones hush myth's ode.


Thin and ultimate loss
is entirely foregone.
Its ends solely
formulate in
their negation.


Those seem.
See them so.


Scene astir;
Its arc seen.


All gaffes.


A false-flag raises:
All is as gaffes are.


Ruse so political:
It is our collapse.


Liar's ruse...
Is surreal.


Those axioms are such.
Each oxymoron is this:
A ruse.


Eyes' irises; iris' eye.

Set at: Irritates.



[It is sold back-and-forth
{forward and backwards}
between two buyers,.. over
and over, faster and faster,
until the laser itself
become a coherent beam --
a 'laser-beam', indeed.]

That beam-lathe, it seems,
uses laser-beams
to lathe those beams
it lathes.


If your lack of ignorance has
become a problem for you,..

then just ignore that problem,
.. and it will go away!..

[Long and wordy bumper-sticker:]

Psychedelic drugs
'expand your mind'
by filling it full
of illusions.

But education expands
your mind by filling
it full of reality.

Maybe these paragraphs can
be written inside the two
hemispheres of a cartoon brain,
each paragraph in a different
hemisphere. This inspiring
message might work, then,
as a poster.)

Puppets equal puppeteers:

Our gods supposedly control us
as if we are their marionettes.

But we like to speak for them,
as if we are ventriloquists
and they are our dummies.


Is cosmetic-surgery
for mannequins..



What the world really needs
(even if it already has them)

ear-shaped earrings.

(Maybe each has a smaller
version of itself affixed,
and an even smaller version
affixed to that,..

Or.. the world really needs..
no earrings at all..


What the media has been
trying to convince us is
like.. whenever I try to
use the washing-machine:

Quite an..

(.. And not JUST regarding
all that.. dirty-laundry
and those white-washings!)


Regarding the 3rd and 4th
anagrams from the bottom
above --.. I don't want to
say anything..
(So I will instead write it.)

Hey, as long as we are..
capitalizing.. on the way
things otherwise appear,...

"Q-LL! Q-LL! Q-LL! Q-LL!"

And speaking of anagrams,
here is a semi-homophonous
anagram of what has
essentially happened,
like it or not, as a
result of that day:

19 won.


The voices hallucinated by God
speak only in pronouns of..
Infinite-person singular.


Of course, the term
'schizophrenic', as used
to refer to the particular
group of mental-illnesses,
is probably politically-
incorrect -- but not so
much because of it being
necessarily insulting,
but mostly instead simply
because it is a misnomer.
It literally means, of
"split mind".

So people often incorrectly
believe that schizophrenia
is the same mental-illness
as is multiple(split)-
(And the 'hearing-voices'
symptom many schizophrenics
suffer does not help those
people overcome their..
delusion.. regarding what
schizophrenia is, either.
'Those voices are from the
other personalities!', it
is erroneously believed.)

(An aside: I wonder if some
people also wrongly think
that people who are bipolar
necessarily have multiple-
personality-disorder, but
with exactly two
personalities. Although,
I have never heard of
such a misperception.)


I have now realized that
the word "schizophrenia"
is itself schizophrenic,
"schizophrenic" in the
colloquial sense of
meaning 'ambivalence',
in regards to its own
meanings and proper usage.

And because of this
perhaps, in a way, the
word 'schizophrenia'
is actually the perfect
word to refer to the
mental-illnesses it
(currently) refers to.

In blog-post # 369, on
Mar 15, 2013, I posted:

"[Why are there no
rectangles there?
Because the.. 'four-gons'
have all been 'foregone'.]"

This got me thinking about
the end of the universe.

It will inevitably
collapse into a..

As you see, this is a..
four-gon conclusion!

[ARGG! So, I have just learned
that, for several years now, in
many of my poems and anagrams I
have written, I have been using
'foregone', with 2 e's, when I
should have used 'forgone'
instead. {And there are so many
times I used the wrong word; so
I cannot edit these errors now,
especially the anagrams. So, I
will have to.. forgo..
correcting these errors.}

Some proper-English-decreeing
sadistic jerk at one point
decreed that 'forgo' is indeed
interchangeable with 'forego',
and 'forgone' is their common
past participle,
.. but not 'foregone', which
this sadist decreed to
actually mean something
completely different.
{So, screw logical
consistency, then!}

Or "foregone" once meant
something different..
For, I propose now
foregoing {forgoing?} the
soon foregone definition of
'foregone'; and everybody
now just write the word they
mean the way they want to!

{Can we prophesy that
prophecy, therefor?
At least I have not made
MANY MANY unfixable and
embarrassing errs, uh..
errors.. over the years
regarding the words
versus {verses} 'error'/
say, as I otherwise have
made regarding 'foregone'.
.. Bad English.
Quite, English has been
a bad BAD language!..]
[English is like
a portmanteau.
Should we..]

Revere? Berate?

... Reverberate!....

[Either way, you gotta say.]


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