Sunday, January 26, 2014

Topologies Of Topics More Optical Than Topheavy

Blog-post # 415:
(415 = 5*83.)

Six new art-inanimations,
poorly scanned and panned.
(Quite the 'panned-emonium').

Antientangled With Disentanglement

Coprime To Consequences
Of Consecutiveness

Molecular Wave-like Wavelessness

Monotonic Zeroness Nully Of One

Topheavy Sidewaysness
Not Of Helices


Regarding the last
image's name:
A single-sided dream,
a polygon of one angle
and yet of even fewer

(31 -- Thirty-one?
That is quite a few
.. I've done.)

Weird yet outlandish;
also silly yet avant-garde;..
Otherwise oddly and
alternatively as ugly as it.


Zen's arc is.


The tears aliens also cry:
Those are as crystalline.


Photons are yet oscillating
via their own glassiness.
Any light aligns so
into those particles
or sine-waves.



[^I might have already
posted this one once.]

Some shapes yet
become celestial.
Maybe these also
seem telescopic.


Most else is...
Time less so.
So timeless.)


Inside these space-times'
mazes were their lines.
Sameness is itemized here
when its pieces alter.


That is this, there
beyond any realities.
Those are as it, yet
inside the labyrinth.


A lie's hypnotic
nouns are all aglow.
Hallucinations were
as polygonal.


That image sees
plexiform lenses.
All is of these
experiments' games.


War hates us all.
But its hate solely
betrays humanity's
As we thus still are
as absolutely ruined
at any myth's behest.


We make this
peace as that:
At what is
hate's meek pace.


'Anagrams united',..
Said an argument.


(.. 'United'

[^Already posted,
surely, but posted
here as a follow-up
to the previous.]

And lies.


Denials of truths,..
If thus to slander..


(.. All those,
As to Hell.)


Hell rotates under.
All does turn there.


The answers do ask so.
Therein, they quiet nil.
These entirely know,
as had their questions.


Every virgin says
she is 'late'.
Easy lying, as
theirs, revives.


Nil's set:
Its lens.




Emptiness was..
As we misspent.



[^I think I already posted
this one, but it is worth
posting again.]

As its metaphor:
Posits are math.


As in some theorems,..
Math is more so seen.


.. If so inside a
farthest eternity,..
As its infinity
thereafter does.


Most denials are
offensively meant;
.. As if sly, never
of a misled atonement.


The moods..


Sly shit.


(These are almost all bad.
And some of them are unoriginal.)

'Laid are both, to be radial.'

'To ire: Riot!'

'Finish; sin if.'

'Erase; many names are.'

'Sling nils.'

'Sting nits.'

'In I, again I.'

'Music, it, song,
an agnostic.. I sum.'

'Sign is I, are both
to be; raising is.'

'Lens er(f)ror: Fresnel.'

[^Yeah, that last
one fell Flat, oh,
quite er(f)roneously.]
[A bonus two palindromes..]

Pal's lap...

.. Pal's slap..


The unemployed
youths are simply
taking their...



Revenge can be
morally ambiguous,
.. like when you
so.. 'badly'..
want to get back
at your enemy
so.. 'good'..


'all turns innately'..


'In your window'..
is seen..



Since the lead actor
has quit, now it is
inevitable that, yes,
"The show will go on!";

.. especially because
he was such a..


Regarding the
1-dimensionalities in a
3-dimensional molecular



If your jeans are blue,..

perhaps they need..


[A very old unoriginal joke.
I am ashamed.
And 'Jean' = 'Gene' puns
go even further back.]

Touchy-feely atomic bombs:

'Tactile nuclear weapons'.

Feel their comforting
{thermonuclear} warmth..)

Most people are selfishly
and sociopathically
unconcerned about most
other people. In that,..
we are all a lot alike.

Yes, our indifference..
is our most significant
.. non-difference.


Band-name or album-name?:

'Atlas Squatted'

(This name may be a case of
..Crossing The {R}Ayn.. And..)

Next 5 items may offend!]

Satanic porno is rated..



Hard-work-core porno is..



Serious question:
Why isn't this a more
common put-down?..
The phrase similar to
'Tough Luck!', but with
the initial letters
replaced respectively with
'R' and 'F'?


'Underneath' it all,..
some virgins might 'lie'
(quite 'easily'), and also
may do so.. 'periodically',
about what exactly they
have.. 'missed'.
But yet some women virgins
(even if they have been
'lying') are, in a way,
being truthful when they
they are.. 'late'..


The condom broke?
Oh, no, it sure is
.. seemin'..
that way..

[Offensiveness is over now.
You may hereafter read
without fear.]

Coffee-shop name already?


(With an..
ocelot mascot,
of course.)

[I will now take a break
from the typical type of
topic I post about here
to talk now about.. food.]

Is "Synesthesia"
already the name for a
fusion restaurant?

I had a great multi-cultural
culinary experience
(experiment) the other day.

I had bought some quality
guacamole. I had also bought
some dolmas..



Not any worse, at least, than
when one gets baba-ghanoush or
hummus on one's dolmas.
(As guacamole is simply
baba-ghanoush with avocado
instead of eggplant*. They both
have the same consistency, with
the former maybe being a bit
more chunky, of course.)

*[But we could also say that
apple sauce is simply
baba-ghanoush with apples
instead of egg-plant. But,
yeah, avocados and eggplant are
not THAT different in their
tastes. I do think that
guacamole would be good with
some Mediterranean spices, or
at least with some garlic, like
that which often adds spice to
baba-ghanoush; and conversely,
baba-ghanoush might be good with
some onions, peppers, cumin, and
tomatoes... {Although
baba-ghanoush is already spiced
this way sometimes, I think.}
I think guacamole is sometimes
made with lime juice and
baba-ghanoush with lemon juice
-- so there you go; great
ethnicities can indeed think

But I usually prefer eating
guacamole with potato chips
instead of with corn chips;
so what do I know?



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