Sunday, January 19, 2014

Cobweb-Shaped Spirals

[.. But otherwise,
those spirals are
shaped unlike any
shape of anything.]

Blog-post # 414:
(414 = 3*2*23*3.)

Seven new inanimations.
As these "scans" are such
poor representations of
the actual pen-drawings,
I suppose that only the
drawings' basic elements
(the shapes and placements
of things, say), not the
rendition of those elements
(the darkness and crispness
of the lines, say), is all
that has been communicated
here even somewhat correctly
to you.

[And remember that before
Nov of 2013, I was instead
posting here computer art
{which was rendered properly},
and most of that art was in
color. See my old posts.]

Evennesses All Infinite;
Infinities All Odd

Hypermetrically Hyponological

In Delineation-Like
Dins And Nils

As In The Zeros,...
Zeniths Arose

Any Lunes Of Gibbous Moons

Nullities Of Glassiness

Retina-esque Realities

(4th image's name is
an anagram. See below.)
(20 -- Twenty is plenty.)

This evidence:
Hints deceive.




Lengthiness and oneness:
Nonetheless sans ending.


Glassy nullities spin;
shape is seen;...
As in eyes' pupils;
as in light's lenses.


I hid the glassiness...
inside light's ashes.


As red, yellow, green,
cyan, blue, violet:
Every rainbow deletes
all once ugly.
We end all lives,
color, energy, beauty.


Be drawn inside those.
The rainbow dies, ends.


Brown, as I.


All purity.


Science juxtaposes,
and then more does.
As these axioms depend
on conjectures.


Shapely rotation is ending.
Polygons are inside..
in that.


Those arcs are created so
inside these vast lunes.
As this, the universe does
alter, as does a crescent.


That ideal sine-wave seen
was once sinusoidal;
As discontinuities also
have else waned anew.


A trend as silly as
inside vague artistry:
It is avant-garde and
is surreal, yet is sly.


Art gave DNA.


Mating is prone.

[^Take note of this
anagram, you people
looking to be nasty.]

As merry-go-rounds:
A rude orgy's norms.


Fools are...
of a loser.

(^Already posted?)

As in us, dreams vanished.
Shiva damned a ruse's sin.


As in the zeros:
Zeniths arose.


'Sad rage; regard as.'


Creativity arising in someone
due to their insanity should
be called...



You hear about the new
plant-species scientists
derived from spearmint?

As of now, though,
it is only...



Anti-peppers which are
so non-spicy they cool
one's mouth might be
colored the opposite
of red.

In other words, they
could be called
(besides, of course,
'chilly peppers')..

'cyan peppers'..


You hear about that guy who
killed someone by locking
them in a walk-in freezer?

Yeah, that guy was charged with
the crime of.. 0-degree murder..


How did they finally fit
the scale into the box
to see how much...
its inside weighs?..

It's in sideways!..

(Of course.
{And coarsely of.})

Just throwing projectiles
anywhere at all at-random:

Using... 'proba-ballistics'..


The evidence for evolution's
truth is quite dense.

Thus, it is quite..


A helium-filled rubber-sphere
with craters painted upon it
so it resembles the moon
is quite...


Possible scientific neologism:

The moon is at its
zenith during each..


Another possible
scientific neologism:

Quantum-orthogonality leads to..


(Lots and lots of square-knots.)


The acceptable standards of
loops' looping in springs:

The 'proto-coil'.


Computer nerds who are celibate
may claim to be so as a means to
simply be protecting themselves
from VD in a relatively more
safe manner.

Yes, they are just..
'air-gapping' their genitals.

(For security, you know.)

Our idle ideals of idols..

.. as are mistaken so
as our myths taken so.


Some neologistically





Evermore, even the pulses
of trigonometry are to be
phased within their waning;
.. and moreover thereafter,
they then cannot so wax.



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