Monday, September 12, 2011

The Falling

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Slivers Of Shards Of Flatness

Of Partiality Known

Oblique Balance

Horrible Enlightenment



Sliced out
Lies do cut.


I shouldn't write about 9-11, since almost everyone has had something to say about it. But I will.

I first heard about the attacks while I was taking a shit. Really. I was at a friend's house, and one of her roommate's told the other about the planes hitting, and I heard about it through the bathroom door. Later, the fact I first heard about the attacks while taking a shit seemed to be so appropriate, given what happened to America as a direct result of this "terror".

The morning of the attacks, before I heard about them, I wrote a poem about enlightenment. Now, this seemed later to me to be very INAPPROPRIATE, since America and much of the world had just entered an era of deception, an era we still have yet to exit, if we ever do.

I remember watching one of the buildings collapsing on TV. I didn't know if it was live or taped, but I told my friend as I watched it that the collapse was simultaneously one of the most beautiful and ugly things I have ever seen. Had I known that more than a 1000 people were in the building at the time, I likely would have felt it to be more of an ugly thing than a beautiful one. But whatever.

In the months before the attacks, I often wrote misanthropic poetry about the vileness and evil and sadism and cruelty of humanity. The attacks greatly confirmed my feelings.
However, in the days right after 9-11, Americans seemed to try to be nicer to each other. People from around the world showed their support for Americans.
But soon, my misanthropic feelings were confirmed again. Almost all Americans wanted blood. The Bush administration soon rushed to war. I knew that many innocent Afghanis, who were no more guilty for what happened to us than the very people killed in the attacks themselves were, would soon be murdered by America in my name. Next, to only compound the injustice, America rushed to war with another country that didn't even attack us. Lies were told. And the meager opposition to this unjust war was greatly marginalized and demonized.

American politicians on the right especially seemed almost ecstatic we were attacked on 9-11, since this meant that they could take cynical political advantage of the events for their own purposes. Over the next decade human rights have been violated, people have been tortured, many people have been surveilled without justification. It is no wonder many believe that the Bush administration was actually behind the attacks. The administration sure acted like it.

We may never recover from 9-11. America is no longer nearly as free as it used to be, not even close.
Trillions of tax dollars have been spent on this new military and security state. Meanwhile, America is crumbling.

I hate what we have become. The bigotry, the authoritarianism.
My misanthropy has only been confirmed repeatedly in the last decade. Greatly.

America fell like the towers on 9-11. Indeed. I'm sick of hearing about the "human spirit" over the last few day. Human beings do not deserve such praise. And you know what, we most certainly never ever will.


Poem, written 3 days ago:

Within That Awkward Wrapping

These semicircles amass
and configure as
A lumpy annulus of
wondrous overlapping.
And again, they are
slivers of shards of
Flatness. Yes, they
are propped unto this
Exception and are
thus protruding, quite.
The ring, however,
is somewhat of slabs.
And it punctures
its perpendicularity
Otherwise dull,
otherwise unlikely. Yet
These semicircles are
torn and placed
Into counterintuitive
To be surely still and
stranded about their
Surreal rotation.
And they assume
To seem, and they
seem to curve
Within that
awkward wrapping.
Ah, such segmentation
is our conjoining.
It is our assemblage
sometimes never so.




Psycho Babbling Basher said...

It's a great post and I am glad you did write about 9-11.
I could add some more, but you have pretty much covered it all.
At some point, we humans must all stop being all caught up in our own pretentious magnanimity.

Anonymous said...

Bush and co. acted as if in partnership with the terrorists. Their interests melded.